5-Step Shaft Alignment Procedure

This 5-Step Shaft Alignment Procedure is a Motion Graphic that outlines an easy and effective way to align your rotating equipment and brings you one step closer to best practices for your alignment program. Contact us here for your free Easy-Laser Shaft Alignment Wall Chart!

Easy-Laser & Benchmark PDM Support NAIT’s Training Activities with new XT660 Shaft Alignment System Donation

Measurement systems from Easy-Laser are used in the training of service technicians at colleges around the world. One example is the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

The industry is facing (and experiencing) a major challenge in terms of preparing the service technicians and millwrights of the future for working life. A larger number of people in this professional group are now approaching retirement, and so considerable efforts are required in terms of training to fill the vacancies that are arising.

In order to meet the demands of industry for skilled, versatile people with sound professional knowledge, it is necessary to have training courses that are at the forefront from a technical perspective. With around 500–800 students participating every year in their apprenticeship programs for maintenance technology and mechanics, NAIT is one of the largest polytechnic colleges in North America in this field. The students take part in a four-year apprenticeship program in which they have the opportunity to work in industry at the same time as learning about operating lathes, cranes, pump repair work, hydraulics, compressor technology and machinery installation (including alignment). The course focuses on teaching the basics, before gradually raising the apprentices’ knowledge level over the four years.

In order for the apprentices to be as attractive as possible to the labour market, it is important for NAIT to be able to offer training using the very latest technology within the respective areas. When it comes to alignment, this means high precision laser-based measurement tools. Easy-Laser, which is a leading manufacturer of laser-based alignment tools, alongside Benchmark PDM, has donated an advanced alignment instrument from its latest product family, Generation XT. The system, XT660, will be used in the training of service technicians and mechanics at NAIT.

John-Paul Lambert of Benchmark PDM demonstrates the Easy-Laser® XT660 in one of the Millwright Programs training classrooms.

The system was handed over to Jim Clarkson at NAIT by Mikael Terner (Easy-Laser AB) and John-Paul Lambert (Benchmark PDM) in January 2018. John-Paul Lambert conducted a short training session regarding the system for instructors and students at NAIT. The training was filmed by NAIT’s Film School and will be used internally.

“We are extremely proud to work with a college like NAIT and to ensure that they can offer their students absolutely world-class training using the latest technology in the industry,” says Mikael Terner from Easy-Laser AB.

Benchmark PDM’s John-Paul Lambert was very impressed with NAIT’s facility and millwright program. “What a pleasure it was to provide this instrument and the training to a group of people who are excited about using it. It was a pleasure to work with the students who are in great hands with the instructors at NAIT. A big thank you to our Alberta partner BHD who made this possible.”

“The Easy-Laser alignment equipment donated by our industry partners helps us support our students with cutting-edge technology. As a post-secondary, funding is limited, and we rely on our industry partners to keep us relevant and up-to-date with the latest developments. These types of donations ensure that we are training our students on modern equipment used by industry and allows us to better prepare our graduates to enter the workforce with the skills that make them highly successful and sought-after,” says Malcolm Haines, Dean School of Skilled Trades.

Easy-Laser AB has a development programe aimed at helping technical colleges and courses to access the very latest technology. Are you interested in taking part? Please contact Mikael Terner:

+46 766 35 10 51


The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) is a leading Canadian polytechnic, delivering education in science, technology and the environment; business; health and trades. With nearly 60,000 credit and non-credit students and a 95 per cent employer satisfaction rate, NAIT grads are essential to Alberta’s prosperity. Known for hands-on, technology-based learning, NAIT engages with business and industry in applied research and innovation and provides corporate training around the world. Recognized as one of Alberta’s top employers, NAIT provides outstanding returns on investment for its graduates, partners, the provincial government and the people of Alberta. Learn more

Generation XT Keeps Growing With Two New Products For Shaft Alignment & Vibration!

Generation XT, Easy-Laser’s app-based system for laser measurement and alignment of rotating machinery, is expanding again. The XT system is now ready for explosive atmospheres. We introduce the Ex/ATEX-approved XT550 Intrinsically-Safe Shaft Alignment system for hazardous/explosive environments.

With the XT550, we go intrinsically safe! The newest member is developed for hazardous areas and is easily operated through the XT app. The XT550 is an advanced measurement system for alignment of horizontal and vertical/flange mounted rotating machinery.

The XT550 system comes in two configurations; with or without an EX/ATEX approved display unit. It works with the XT Alignment app which also runs on most iOS and Android units, as well as XT11 Display Unit (however XT11 is not Ex classed). The systems measuring units are approved in accordance with the latest ATEX directive and are shock, dust and water proof.

The XT550 features dot laser which makes it possible to perform measurements on large machines over long distances. You also have access to advanced measurement methods, such as continuous sweep and multipoint.

For more information on the XT550, visit our product page here. Check out the video below!

Easy-Laser® XT280 Vibration Tool

Easy-Laser has also launched a new vibration measurement tool called the XT280. Just like the E-Series’ E285 Vibrometer, the XT280 is an excellent accessory or add-on to your XT shaft alignment system. It can be used in different ways and with different displays! Use it as a “stand-alone” tool with the built-in display, use it with the XT11 Display unit (from your shaft alignment system) or download the free XT app for your phone or tablet and use the Vibration Values program. It is an easy-to-use vibration tool that quickly diagnoses vibration level, unbalance, misalignment and looseness. You can compare your readings with the ISO standards and document the results with a pdf report!

Click here to visit the product page for more information on the XT280 Vibration Measurement Tool.

Easy-Laser Receives Another Award for its XT11 Display Unit!

The following was written by our partner Easy-Laser® AB and can also be viewed on their Blog here.

One of the best tablets of the alignment industry has received the Red Dot Design Award 2018!

The origins of the Red Dot Design Award date back to 1955. Its distinction, the Red Dot is established internationally as one of the most sought-after quality marks for good design. Here are some of the criteria the jury evaluates:
  • Degree of innovation
  • Functionality
  • Formal quality
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability
This is the second time our XT11 is recognized for its design by a professional jury. Last year we received the iF Design Award for excellent design and ergonomics for “industrial products”.
Easy-Laser XT11 runs our XT Alignment app, which can also be run on iOS and Android phones and tablets. This is a unique feature in the alignment industry – the user can combine display units and different types of measuring units to suit their needs and budget – but will only have to learn one program! Still, because of the rugged design many users prefer to use display devices like the XT11 in industrial environments.


The XT11 has some smart functions, like the screen-lock button which prevents unintentional clicks on the touch screen when you move around the machine you measure. As an option, you can fit your XT11 with a thermal imaging camera, opening up even more possibilities to optimize your machinery for smooth operation.

Learn more about the Red Dot Award
Learn more about the XT11 in the video below:


Standard Approach – New Guidelines on Shaft Alignment and Machinery Installation

You can also find this article in MRO Magazine’s April Digital Edition here.

The new standards in shaft alignment and machinery installation are a must-have for anyone involved in rotating machinery.

Without a doubt the most important aspect for rotating machinery is the installation or re-installation of the machine. There are other factors, such as operational procedure and design faults – even incorrect lubrication – however, the main factor is the installation. This is the critical element that dictates the life expectancy of the machine. The famous study of Nowlan and Heap tells us that only 11% of rotating machines run to their full life expectancy. Even if you disputed this study, consider the billion-dollar Industrial Supply Industry that supply’s us with chains, sprockets, belts, sheaves, pumps, motors, gearboxes and so on. If we say that the study is correct then we have to admit that we do not do a good job as installers and maintainers of rotating machines.

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Why Should You Calibrate Your Laser Alignment or Measurement System?

The following was written by our partner Easy-Laser® AB and can also be viewed on their Blog here. Enjoy!

In today’s industry, the demands on machine availability and quality production are greater than ever. We expect maintenance work to be carried out quickly, correctly and accurately, which places demands on the measuring tools giving us the right information every time.

That particularly applies to laser-based measurement and alignment tools, because they must confirm that rotary machines are correctly set-up and operating in the best possible conditions. Unnecessary stoppages and complications that can affect production and lead to financial losses must be avoided. The user then has to put all their trust for preventative maintenance work into the laser measurement system.

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Shaft Alignment with Four Different Measurement Methods

The following was written by our partner Easy-Laser® AB and can also be viewed on their Blog here. Enjoy!

The latest addition to Generation XT, Easy-Laser® XT660, gives you access to four different measurement methods for shaft alignment – each with its own advantages. Read more to find out how to use them best!

The four measurement methods are 9-12-3, EasyTurn™, Multipoint and Continuous sweep. Here we describe them individually, so that you know when best to use them.


The rotation of the measurement devices around the shaft is similar to that of a clock; positions 9, 12, 3 and 6.

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Machine Life Expectancy – What should the maintenance organization focus on?

You can also find this article it in MRO Magazine’s December Digital Edition here.

Recently I have been seeing the P to F interval curve popping up a lot on my LinkedIn feed and in articles that I have read. It was a concept that I was first introduced to when I was implementing Reliability Centred Maintenance into the Engineering and Maintenance department at the plant where I worked at the time. It was a great idea, that if done correctly is maintenance benefit. Why, because its cost savings and cost avoidance. Let me explain this.

Life Expectancy of a Machine - P to F curve

Fig 1. The P to F Interval Curve.

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The Easy-Laser® XT660 Shaft Alignment System – Awaited and Appreciated

The following was written by our partner Easy-Laser® AB and can also be viewed on their Blog here. Enjoy!

It might well be this year’s most awaited product in the alignment industry. Since its release in October, the Easy-Laser XT660 has received a great deal of praise all over the world, as it unlocks new possibilities allowing advanced shaft alignment on the groundbreaking XT platform.

With the birth of Generation XT and the 2016 launch of the XT440, Easy-Laser took shaft alignment into the future. Already, hundreds of companies all over the globe have learned to appreciate the freedom that comes with this multi-platform solution, and so far, the XT application has been downloaded to thousands of iOS and Android units.

Still, for companies in need of more advanced shaft alignment, the basic model XT440 lacked a couple of key features, creating a gap that made migrating to the XT platform a non-option for many presumptive users. This last fall, as Generation XT grew with new intelligent hardware, that gap was filled.

“Good Vibrations” – MRO Magazine article from KSB Pumps

MRO Magazine recently published a good article by Mehran Masoudi from KSB Pumps on vibration in pumps and pumping systems. As we know, vibration can cause serious problems or issues for maintenance departments. This article provides some tips on things like potential sources of vibration, pump vibrations on critical speeds, piping system vibrations and diagnosing them and advice for controlling certain vibrations. Use these tips from one of the most knowledgeable engineering pump solution’s provider in the industry to stem downtime at your plant!

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