XT290 Digital Level

XT290 Digital Precision Level

The Easy-Laser XT290 digital precision level allows you to level your machines easily and reliably. Accuracy is guaranteed by the precision-ground, hardened steel base and precise electronics, the simplicity of quick stabilization and connection to our XT Alignment App.


In principle, all machines must be level (or plumb) to work as intended. Generally speaking machines are required to be set-up to within 0.1 mm/m. The reason is simple; machines must be affected by gravity symmetrically. Forces on bearings and other machine elements are calculated based on these conditions. Lubrication can also be dependent on this. If the machine is not set-up correctly from the start, the intended availability and longevity may not be achieved. Easy-Laser XT290 digital precision level has been developed for demanding users and environments:

  • Clear and bright color screen with a large viewing angle.
  • Measurement values and graphics that are updated in real time.
  • Extremely quick stabilization of measurement values.
  • Integrated rechargeable battery with long operating time (up to 20 hours).
  • Solid precision-ground prismatic base.
  • Water and dust proof according to IP66/67.
  • Possibility of separate display unit.


A reliable machine installation is achieved when the foundations are correctly dimensioned and installed, and machines correctly aligned. Among other things, a measurement instrument for leveling is needed for this. Easy-Laser XT290 is therefore the obvious complement to your shaft alignment system!

The advantages of a separate display unit

You can wirelessly connect XT290 to the XT Alignment App in your own smartphone/tablet or XT11 display unit, and use these as separate display units. You can readout and follow the adjustment continuously from where you are standing and make adjustments to the machine, instead of having to move back and forth repeatedly. It makes the job easier. This also allows you to place the precision level inside any safety cage, and take readouts outside with the machine running.

Measure change over time

The free app gives you access to even more great functions. For example you can register and record changes during operation (dynamic measurement). You set a time period and frequency. Another function is the ability to connect up to four devices simultaneously (precision level and/or measuring units for shaft alignment) and follow their movements and measurement values. In these ways, you can gain an unsurpassed understanding of how your machine is affected during operation, and find sources of problems more easily.

Document your measurements

The app allows you to create PDF reports containing measurement data, images and notes. This type of documentation is usually requested by the client. Continuous documentation of measurements provides a good basis for analyzing and comparing machine status over time.

Built with precision technology

The XT290 digital precision level has an accuracy of 0.02 mm/m and angle change sensitivity of 0.001 mm/m. Extremely fast updating of the measurement values makes the digital precision spirit level easy to use. The software indicates whether temperature changes or disturbing vibrations can affect the reliability of the measurement results. In addition, the XT290 has inclinometers for two directions. These are used outside the precision measurement range so that you can still adjust the object, but with less accuracy. See technical data for more information.


We are Easy-Laser’s Canadian National Distributor