Benchmark PDM provides maintenance and reliability solutions to the industrial market through instruments/tools, services and training to ensure machine assets are operating at maximum efficiency.

Benchmark Maintenance Services Inc. was started by John Lambert in 1994. He and the company specialized in rotating machinery installation, training, service and equipment sales.

The company name Benchmark Maintenance Services Inc. was changed in 2014 to Benchmark PDM. The PDM stands for Precision Driven Maintenance and it reflects our philosophy that in order to improve your work processes, you have to use Precision Maintenance concepts. This means that you have to work to a set tolerance of the machine that you, and your team agree on. The tighter the tolerance the better the result; but you cannot have a tolerance that you cannot measure. Precision maintenance means up-skilling your people, getting the right tools but also the right training. Its machinery acceptance standards, precision balancing, alignment, base flatness standards, the removal of machine stress, etc.  Most importantly, it’s commissioning to a standard and documenting the process.

We look forward to continue working with our industry partners by providing excellent service, equipment tools and most importantly training.


Some of our our core values include setting up our customers for success and with that getting the top-class training and expert advice. It is our over 50 + years of experience in machinery installation and precision maintenance that has allowed us to provide professional training to reliability experts, front-line supervisors, managers, millwrights and technicians. In the early years, we started out teaching shaft to shaft alignment using dial sets in either Rim and Face or Reverse Dial procedures. It has now developed into a complete machinery (pump and motor) installation training course using dials or lasers in 1-day, 2-day or 3-day programs. We renamed the training program into MAAD Training and the program is designed to be very practical, hands on, “nuts and bolts” approach to training and is often customized to suit the customer’s machinery or equipment application. For more on MAAD Training, laser alignment specific courses or some of the other services we offer like alignment services, rentals/leasing and calibration go to our Training & Services page.



The company continued to grow and expand and in 1996 became and still are Canada's Master Distributor of Easy-Laser® Alignment and Measurement systems. The shaft alignment and belt alignment systems are used heavily for rotating machinery in industries like power, paper, steel, mining and wind.

Easy-Laser's geometric measurement systems were designed for specific industries such as Saw Mills, Machine Tool & Fabrication industries, Windmill Tower manufacturing and even the Shipping industry.  There are also systems designed for specific applications such as turbine alignment, bore alignment of diesel engines, compressors, stern tubes in the shipping industry, extruder alignment, roll alignment in the Steel, Pulp & Paper, and Plastic Industries and more.






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