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Have you updated your EASY-LASER XT equipment or App with the latest free software?

Easy Laser has released several free XT equipment and XT App software updates since the beginning of last year. If your XT11/XT12 display unit or XT App has v.8.04 or lower, you are eligible to update your equipment with improved software features, programs, graphics and more! In this post you will find the release notes for each update and the download instructions.

Version 8.3.4

• Fixed a problem with programs not starting on Android.
• Fixed a problem with the camera function on Android.
• Updated the default report names for Horizontal, Cardan and Belt.

XT11 and XT12
• Fixed a problem in the time settings, when changing the time manually.
• Fixed a problem with time shown in reports.

Version 8.3.3

All programs
• Added support for sending emails to multiple recipients by separating with space, comma or semicolon.
• Added support for turning off keyboard sounds and vibrations for XT12.
• Improved file naming when working with templates. The name of the template will be suggested
when Finalizing the measurement.
• Photos are not added (and saved over) automatically to reports anymore and must instead be added manually
in the report.
• Added shortcut to Wi-Fi settings from the Start screen.

• Improved machine train report. The first page of the report now shows more information.
• Added RPM input field to Cardan Prepare view.
• Changed icons for vertical foot adjustment in Shaft programs. Previous icon was not clear
and has been changed to arrows.
• Increased threshold for Sweep direction error slightly.
• Fixed a bug with the default name when adding a custom tolerance.
• Fixed a bug with detector serials in reports. In some cases they would say “Demo”
even though real ones were used.
Release Notes

• XT12 screen no longer rotates.
• Added possibility to toggle 24h/12h time format in Vibration report.
• Added unit information to Values autorecord settings.
• Fixed a bug and re-added Twist to XT550.
• Fixed a bug with time format.
• Various minor visual bug fixes.

Version 8.1.1

• New background image.
• Changed the default tolerance in Cardan.
• Fixed a connection problem in Horizontal.
• In EasyTrend, fixed a problem with the start and stop line.
• Several minor translation fixes.
• Several minor visual bug fixes.

Display unit XT11
NOTE! As of November 2022, the XT alignment app will no longer support the XT11 rev 1 Display unit
(serial number 129231 or lower). XT alignment app version 8.1 and higher will not be compatible with XT11 rev 1.

Version 8.0.17

• Fixed communication bugs on Android.
• Various other bug fixes.

Version 8.0.15

• Simulations made in the Adjustment Guide will no longer affect the adjustment view.
Your simulated adjustment values will NOT be saved and used in the Adjustment view.
• The latest measurement method used is now permanent until another method is selected
(for example 9-12-3 or EasyTurn).
• The selected measurement method is saved after doing a Softfoot measurement.
• The latest measurement method used, will be reselected for new measurements.
• The result view (table, graph or machine) is now permanent until another view is selected.
• The latest result view used, will be reselected for new measurements.
• Fixed a bug and re-added XT50 to Cardan.
• It is no longer possible to select other measuring units while in the middle of a Sweep measurement for example.

• Added start and end date to the EasyTrend report.
• Not possible to finalize the measurement while measuring. You need to stop the measurement before finalizing it.

• Added the button “Delete All” to delete all registered values.
• Fixed the icon for angle settings in Values.
• Fixed an issue halving and zero setting the value. It now works in the same way if you do it from a single
live device as if you do it for all the Live devices at the same time.

• Fixed an issue with sheave width.

All programs
• You now need to register a measurement value before finalizing a measurement.
• All reports now have unit information. Units was for example missing for sheave width and diameter
in the Belt program.
• Fixed some report template thumbnails and names.
• More descriptive e-mail error message when missing wifi.
• It is no longer possible to change photos in report while report is being regenerated.
• Several minor translation fixes.
• Several minor visual bug fixes.

Version 8.0.11

• The manual now includes Finnish.
• The manual has a new look, better for smaller screens.
• In Softfoot, the foundation is scaled up for large machines.
• Various bug fixes in Straightness.

Version 8.0.8

• Fixed a bug in detector update. It did not always show 100% progress upon completion.
• Fixed a bug in Horizontal Shaft, in graph result view in mirrored mode.
• Fixed a bug that blocked deselection of offline devices in device lists.
• Bug fixes related to notes and comments in reports.

Version 8.0.6

• Fixed a bug with XT280 Vibrometer on iOS.
• Various other bug fixes.

Version 8.0.5

• New bug fixes on version 8.0.4


XT11/XT12 Display Unit software update Installation instructions:
1. Go to www.easylaser.com > Support > Software download. IMPORTANT – For XT11 display unit, download the XT11 update file. For XT12 display unit, download the XT12 update file.
Note: This is a very large file! (approximately 1.3 GB)
2. Download the the update file and save to a USB memory stick.
3. Unzip the files to the root of the USB memory stick.
4. Start the Display unit.
5. Insert the USB memory stick into the Display unit.
6. On the start view, tap to open Settings.
7. Tap to open System information. The installation file should now be visible under UPDATE.
If the display unit doesn’t restart within five minutes, start it manually.

XT App software update Installation instructions:

  • For Apple users, download the update here.
  • For Android users, download the update here.

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