Vibration Tool Viber X™

Hand-held Vibration Tool

VIBER-A+™ is a handheld instrument used for measuring overall vibration and bearing condition. It is a quality instrument designed to be very reliable and easy to handle. It is used by service technicians and operators – a great tool for the tradesman! It is a low-cost instrument and is ideal for performing daily machine monitoring checks ie. overall simple vibration tests, like faults in machines defined by high vibration levels or high bearing condition values. It can also be used to check equipment after repairs using the ISO standards chart (visible chart on front of instrument) for making comparison checks with similar machines.

  • Vibration & Bearing Condition units – mm/s, g-value
  • Signal processing – analogue
  • Input Amplitude range – Vibration: Max 200 mm/s; Bearing Condition: Max 20 gBC
  • Vibration frequency range – 10-1000 Hz; 2-30000 Hz. Bearing Condition frequency range – 500 to 16,000 Hz

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Viber X