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Large forces are in action in a wind turbine. The safety of the maintenance technicians is therefore of the utmost importance. Easy-Laser has developed measurement systems for tower manufacturers as well as alignment tools for the turbines inside the nacelles. Watch the video to see more on all the types of measurement and alignment applications we focus on.


With the Laser Shaft Alignment Tool Wind Power line of Easy-Laser® shaft alignment systems, the generator and gearbox can be aligned with the coupling mounted as well as the coupling dismounted and the brake locked. Easy-Laser has different systems for different turbine-generator sets ups. Some of our more popular systems is our XT440 and XT660 shaft alignment tools. Using these alignment tools along with some additional laser alignment bracketing, you can measure almost any wind turbine! Take a look at some of our bracketing accessories here.


Regardless of the system you choose, using the Easy-Laser software, you can open the settings with the pre-defined machine templates. Quick and easy! The measurement programs are easy to learn and to use, and there are numerous options for documenting and saving the result of the work (e.g. automatic pdf, email report, send to printer or PC, etc.).


Easy-Laser have also developed/designed a system with the coupling dismounted and the brake locked specifically for one turbine manufacturer -Vestas – which fits all their turbine sizes.

Vestas Turbines - Shaft Alignment systems

The Easy-Laser® Vestas shaft alignment systems consist of one general installation kit, one supplement kit for use on more turbines, plus one upgrade kit (or just the bushings, see below).

  • Installation kit, Wireless, Vestas 5, (VT20025637) Dimensions: WxHxD 670x600x220 mm [26.4×23.6×8.7], Weight 28 kg [61.7 lbs]. Part No. 12-1143 – (Main Image shown right)
  • Supplement Service kit, Vestas 6, (VT20025635) Dimensions: WxHxD 570x470x220 mm [22.4×18.5×8.7], Weight 12.3 kg [27.1 lbs]. Part No. 12-1142 – (Secondary Image shown right)
  • Laser Installation Kit Upgrade If you have an older system Vestas 4 (not pictured) you can upgrade this for use at MK3E. Part No. 12-1183
  • XT660 + Vestas 6 Kit – Vestas 6 brackets modified for XT660 Shaft alignment system


Note! The systems pictured is the Vestas 5 Installation Kit, the Vestas 6 Supplemental Service kit & the XT660 Shaft Alignment system.

Other Wind Turbine Shaft Alignment systems

Of course, there are many different shaft alignment options for other wind turbine applications. Check out our other shaft alignment tools here. We also provide geometric measurements systems for other parts of the wind tower including systems that measure the base flatness, flange flatness of the blades and tower sections, the parallelism of these sections and more. Check out our E910 & E915 geometric measurement systems for more info on these applications. If you would like a quote for any of the above mentioned alignment or measurement tools, fill out the Request a Quote form here and we can let you know the best system for your application.

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