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Easy-Laser in the Wind Power Industry

Flange Flatness Measurement Innovation with an eye on Safety

Easy-Laser® is one of the world’s largest suppliers of laser measurement systems to the wind power industry. The company is also an innovative leader in the development of the spin technology laser system (see E915 Flange flatness Measurement Tool) that allows the flange flatness measurement of a tower to be performed by one technician instead of two. This obviously reduces the cost (labor), the E915 is also wireless which means the flange flatness measurement can be completed in less than half the time. This is a value to the customers who need fast and accurate results, especially after corrections or re-work is done. These are just a few reasons why Easy-Laser’s flange flatness measurement tools have become an industry standard.

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Shaft alignment tool xt770
Benchmark PDM News

Introducing Easy-Laser’s New, Advanced Shaft Alignment Tool XT770

Know Your Machine From Every Angle

The new XT770 Shaft Alignment tool comes with several new and advanced alignment functions that provide you with a comprehensive picture of your machine during machine set-up. And it is still just as easy to use as the other Easy Laser Generation XT shaft alignment tools, in fact, they are also gaining access to several of the new features in the latest version of the laser alignment XT app.

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cmva technical conference
Benchmark PDM News

Join Benchmark PDM at the CMVA’s 36th Annual Technical Conference

Join us at CMVA’s 36th Annual Technical Conference at Laval University in Quebec City, QC on October 30-31st!

Benchmark PDM will be participating in this year’s conference in more ways than one! Among being one of this year’s exhibitors showing our new Easy-Laser XT Shaft Alignment tools, we will also be participating and leading one of the technical workshops on “Correcting the major Roadblocks in Machinery Installation”.

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maintenance reliability workshops
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Sign up for a Maintenance & Reliability Workshop Near You!

Industry leaders Benchmark PDM & SDT Ultrasound collaborate to present an exciting one day workshop that will go across Canada!


A reliable asset is one that delivers its full value whenever required. A reliable car transports us where we want, when we want. Reliable people show up on-time and do what they say they will do. And reliable machines output their engineered value allowing manufacturers to ship high-quality products profitably.What is lost when reliability falters? How about confidence, integrity, and time?

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podcast john lambert

“Top 10 Machinery Installation Issues” – Rooted in Reliability Podcast

The Rooted in Reliability podcast is a weekly Maintenance and Reliability podcast covering common industry challenges and what you can learn from them. Each episode dives deeper into critical issues and explains where you can begin correcting theses maintenance flaws today. Sharing new tips and techniques to help you achieve industry best practice and shining a light on widely debated maintenance topics with special guest experts.

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