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Why it’s Important to Network with the Easy-Laser Family

Figure 1 (above) – John Lambert, Giorgio Tomljanovic and Mauro Regali enjoy a night out during the annual Easy-Laser Sales meeting in 2006.

I recently had a colleague reach out to me to ask a question on bore alignment. He is based in Europe and is one of the newer Easy-Laser distributors. He wanted to know if you could use a shaft alignment system to do bore alignment. He had an E710 and he needed to do this work quickly so there wasn’t time to get the correct laser system or the bracketing. I explained that it is technically doable but not the preferred method. The reason for this, is if you are hand moving both measuring units inside the bore, the chances of you getting repeatability can be very difficult.

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Shaft Alignment


By doing a correct machine alignment you can avoid costly breakdowns and unexpected downtime. Every business with production-oriented operations knows that already. Yet many companies are using old technology for machine alignment. Here is a list of top reasons for using laser alignment tool – for those of you who still hesitate!

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Shaft Alignment

“That Dam Jackshaft Alignment was Easy!”

Complex Jackshaft alignment made simple with experience and an Easy-Laser XT660 Shaft Alignment Tool

When you are working with nature, you treat it with respect. And that’s what this dam facility on the Kootenay River in British Columbia does (image, above left). When you harness the power of a river you need your control systems to work. The spillway gates control the level of the dam and in this example, it is lifted and lowered by two Worm Drives that are approximately 33 feet apart, so it’s a large gate. Pictured (above right) is one of the worm drives.

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EASY-LASER Sawmill Alignment tool being featured at LIGNA – Sawmill & Woodworking Exhibition

World market place of innovations and technology for the wood industry

LIGNA features technology for the entire wood value chain – from harvesting machinery to industrial processing and production plant and equipment. LIGNA stands out from competing shows in that it attracts an international audience of top-level decision makers and professionals from all key sectors of the wood industry.

The next LIGNA is being staged from 27 to 31 May 2019.

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