Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas industries rely on many different elements to ensure an effective process; one key piece of the puzzle is the alignment of their equipment and machines. With incorrect or ineffective maintenance processes within the wider system, there can not only be increased wear and tear, but also a far more likely chance of an accident or mishap occurring during operation.


Pumps, engines, compressors, expanders, and generators are just a few of the machines that rely on these services to work most effectively. With professional services and alignment tools, you can rest easy knowing your facility or site is running at optimum levels. At BENCHMARK PDM, we can offer you a wide range of alignment tools to ensure that your equipment is always running at its best.

What To Know

When operating a site with poor alignment, it can be far easier to fall behind on production and have to take untimely halts in work.


While some components are simple to fix and replace, other elements could mean days if not weeks of stopped production. This means major losses for your business. Not to mention the increased risk of injury, or in the worst case the reality of increased injury could create a bad working environment and a high staff turnover, which will surely cut into your production and costs. A company that makes the most of its employees and opportunities can grow and thrive, even during a lackluster economy.


With ideal operating machines and equipment, you can ensure a safe, productive working environment at all times. When needing these expert solutions be sure to come to the company that you can trust for high quality assessments and alignment and measurement tools.

Drilling Down to Solve Alignment Problems

Oil & gas companies face unique obstacles when it comes to running and maintaining the equipment across the workplace, being sure all maintenance processes are coordinated and working towards the same marks.


With several combustible materials in the mix, mishaps have drastic consequences and need to be kept at a minimum. Wear and tear within these spaces can often lead to sparks or breakages, which under reassure and around flammable materials can lead to a number of serious concerns. ATEX-approved explosion-proof shaft alignment tools like the EASY-LASER XT550 Ex ensure that you can work in this environment knowing your equipment is also safe.

Alignment tools like the XT550 Ex and alignment services ensure that all parts of the puzzle fit together to create a well-run drilling process.

Where Alignment Is Needed

Shaft alignment and similar functions play an important, if not integral role, in the oil & gas industry. As they deal with long extensions and tubing in a multitude of ways, an unnatural or unforeseen breakage could cause massive losses in both profit and levels of safety. Having aligned equipment within the standard tolerances gives you the power to work a full team ahead with a reliable, maintained system. With so many moving parts driving these industries, the smallest misalignment could wreak havoc in the rest of the plant. With an industry that relies on production above all else, having a well-maintained system is simply good business.


Easy-Laser’s shaft alignment tools for oil and gas industries provides you with precision, reliable and easy-to use equipment that ensures the utmost accuracy when aligning your machines. Shaft alignment systems like the EASY-LASER® XT440, XT660 and XT770 can be used for all types of rotating machinery and can assist with all those important steps involved in machinery installation and continued maintenance. Which one you should choose depends on what type of machine you have, and how much control over the whole machine you want or should have.

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