EASY-LASER XT770 Shaft Alignment Tool

Generation XT: Easy-Laser XT770

Align and measure your rotating machines with the most advanced laser alignment tool on the market! Know your machine from every angle with new XT programs and features like EasyTrend - allowing you to track offline to running machine movements or thermal growth over time! Learn More

Display Data with Maximum Flexibility!

The XT770 is built upon Easy-Laser’s new cross-platform technology. This allows you to display data on a variety of different handheld devices like your phone or tablet. Download the free Easy-Laser XT app and check it out for yourself! Download Now

Measuring Units with Advanced Laser Technology

The wireless measuring units use a dual beam dot-laser technology which makes it possible to measure longer machine spans including the ability to measure other geometric applications like straightness, flatness, square, parallel, plumb, etc. Learn More



Advanced Measurement Capabilities

The Easy-Laser XT770 shaft alignment tool measuring units utilize dual beam dot-type laser technology with 2-axis square PSD surfaces making it possible to measure larger machine spans and the most advanced alignment applications. As with all Easy-Laser XT alignment tools, perform your standard shaft alignments with precision but now, add any number of machines to your train with the new Machine Train (multi-coupling) program. For larger or more critical machines, like turbines for instance, use measurement methods like Multipoint and Continuous Sweep, or the new EasyTrend program which will give you live monitoring of your machine’s thermal growth – perfect for an offline-to-running measurement application! The new 360° Live adjustment function permits adjustment of your machine both vertically and horizontally at the same time, with measuring units in any position! And if that wasn’t enough, with the addition of another laser, the XT770 shaft alignment tool can perform various types of geometric measurements including straightness, flatness measurement, square, parallel measurement, etc. giving you an all-in-one complete laser measurement system!



Comprehensive Documentation

Finish each laser alignment with an automatic report on your measurements results. You can type in any comments into the Notes section and easily create a PDF report containing all measurement data. Or why not share it (email) right from the display?


The XT11 display unit also comes with a 13MP camera. This means you can photograph the machines identification tag and a picture of the machine for your report. You can also get the XT11 display unit with a built-in IR camera so you can add a thermal image of the machine before and after alignment!



Rugged Design

The Easy-laser XT770 shaft alignment tool is rugged, built for the harshest of environments. It has been tested along with all the XT laser alignment products and approved to an IP rating of both IP66 and IP67 – water, dust and shock-proof. With the measuring units’ superior performance in sunlight and long operating times, this guarantees you will be able to take on and finish even the toughest jobs.




This huge touchscreen display is glove friendly and works just like your phone or tablet. Its tap and go right at you finger tips. The intuitive user interface guides your through the measurement process. Use the rugged Easy-Laser XT11 display unit with your XT770 shaft alignment tool, or install the free Easy-Laser Generation XT laser alignment app on your iOS or Android device. You are not locked-in to a specific way of working. With the app there are no license hassles either, only free updates!

Shaft Alignment Tool


Display Data on Multiple Platforms

The award-winning wireless 8” touchscreen XT11 display unit comes with a built-in 13 MP camera, connects to WiFi and has 16-hour continuous battery life! Or use your own tablet or phone with the free Easy-Laser XT app. Try it today, the choice is yours!    

Measuring Units with Dot-Laser Technology

The wireless measuring units use a dual-axis dot-laser technology which makes it possible to measure longer machine spans as well as geometric measurements like precision base flatness for example. They come pre-mounted with chains and rods, can operate in -10 to 50 degrees C temperature with superior performance in sunlight and with the new and improved batteries can operate for up to 24 hours straight!

Powerful Options

Expand your Easy-Laser shaft alignment tool XT770 with powerful options making your system an all-in-one measurement tool! Add the IR Camera accessory and capture thermal images of your machines before and after the laser alignment. Use the XT190 Pulley Alignment Tool and align your belt drives or try the XT280 Vibration Tool to check the vibration levels. Adding the D22 Laser Transmitter will give you the ability to make precision geometric measurements including straightness, flatness, square, parallel, plumb, etc. Choose all four options for the ultimate system in machine reliability!

Measurement Programs & Features

The Easy-Laser XT770 Shaft alignment tool has access to every measurement program, measurement method and function available that Easy-Laser offers. With this Easy Laser Shaft alignment system you have the capability to get the best possible laser alignment and measurement results. Check out the videos below for details.

Many Bracketing Fixtures for all applications

Choose from many different bracketing fixtures for all different types of alignment and measurement applications to go with your XT770 shaft alignment tool.

Measurement Programs

Easy-Laser XT770

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Measurement Functions

Easy-Laser XT770

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Measurement Methods

Easy-Laser XT770

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