Viber X4 Vibration Analysis Tool

VIBER X4™ Vibration Analysis Measurement Tool

The VIBER X4™ Vibration Analysis Measurement Tool is a state of the art route-based vibration analyzer developed for advanced condition maintenance with top class accuracy.


Some of the features that Viber X4 can proudly offer include:


• Predicting equipment failures before they occur
• Troubleshooting equipment and discovering the cause of problem
• Inspecting equipment during maintenance to confirm a successful repair
• Ensuring correct installation of equipment
• Easy to operate instrument by logic functions, saves time to get started
• Flexible with many functions
• Ability to choose your own language
• Bright high-resolution display makes it easy to see perfect results even in bright conditions
• Record wave time signal, up to 5 minutes
• Quickly charge the battery up to 80% within two hours, even in the car
• 32 GB of memory that guarantees enough space for your data
• Rugged and tight (IP 65)
• Best price-performance ratio


For more information on the VIBER X4™ Vibration Analysis Measurement Tool, download the brochure below. For a comparison chart of all the Viber X handheld instruments click here.

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Viber X4