EASY-LASER E710 Shaft Alignment Tool

Professional Shaft Alignment

The Easy-Laser® E710 is our professional shaft alignment & measurement system capable of performing any alignment application including all stages of machine set-up. Learn More



Simple. Fast. Efficient.

When we talk about simplicity we mean several things, for example, simple to place or mount the measurement equipment on the measurement object, easy to perform the measurement and easy to interpret the measurement result. With the Easy-Laser® E710 Shaft alignment tool you can measure all types of rotating machines, large and small, regardless of shaft diameter, coupling, or alignment application.


The E710 Shaft alignment tool is easy to learn with each program guiding you through the measurement process. The laser alignment tool is easy to use with an ergonomic and rugged design. The tool is IP66 & IP67 rated – dust, shock and waterproof. Document the results with automatic PDF report generation to qualify your work. The 3 year warranty gives assurance as well as low overall costs during the entire life cycle of the product and the Endurio™ Power management system ensures that you never have to stop in the middle of a measurement because the battery has run out.



The Measurement System for all Stages of Machine Set Up!

The Easy-Laser E710 Shaft alignment tool is our Professional laser shaft alignment tool that gives you the ability to perform any type of shaft alignment application. Perform precision laser shaft alignments up to 20 meters (66 feet) with Dual-Axis PSD (Position Sensitive Device) Technology giving more measurement and alignment possibilities. Check for important issues including soft foot, twisted bases (machine foundations) and bearing play with a program dedicated for each.


The E710 Shaft Alignment Tool includes all Easy-Laser measurement & alignment programs including the standard programs horizontal and vertical machines as well as special application programs such as Machine Train (multiple coupling) and Cardan Shaft (Universal joint) shaft alignment. The shaft tool uses powerful features like RefLock when in bolt-bound/base-bound conditions or Thermal Growth Compensation.

Shaft Alignment Tool

E710 - Professional

A Shaft Alignment Tool for Pros!

The display unit enables you to work more efficiently and for longer than ever before thanks to several innovative solutions. It is also ergonomically designed with easy-to-grip rubber cladding and robust construction. The measuring units have a large 20 mm [0.78” sq] detector surface (PSD for the greatest accuracy). The substantial and rigid design of aluminium and stainless steel bracketing guarantees stable measurement values and reliable alignment with the greatest precision in even the toughest of environments.


Measurement Programs & Features

Laser Shaft alignment programs for horizontal machines, vertical machines and checking for softfoot are included as well as laser shaft alignment of machine trains or multiple couplings and cardan shaft (universal joint) applications.  The E710 Shaft alignment tool also has functions for thermal growth compensation, changing the Measurement Value filter based on the environment, tolerance control and the extremely powerful Locked Feet function which allows you to make an optimal machine move when in a base-bound or bolt-bound situations.

Powerful Options

Expand your  E710 shaft alignment tool with powerful options making your system an all-in-one measurement tool! Use the XT190 BTA Pulley Alignment Tool and align your belt & pulley drives. Try the XT280 Vibrometer Probe to check your machines vibration levels. Or add the D22 Laser Transmitter and get into precision geometric measurements like straightness, flatness, square and more!

Many Bracketing Fixtures for all applications

Choose from many different bracketing fixtures for all different types of alignment and measurement applications

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