Two new EASY-LASER products out this year – D92 & XT12!

Easy-Laser has just come out this past January, with a new and improved belt alignment tool, an easy-to use tool for belt transmission, pulley and sprocket installations. And now, just three months later, a new XT display unit for tough alignment jobs!  

The following are press releases from Easy-Laser which you can see on their website. For the D92 click here, for the XT12 click here

We now launch the Easy-Laser® D92 BTA, an easy-to-use tool for alignment of belt transmissions.

The D92 is an upgraded version of our bestseller, the D90, that has been a part of our product range for many years. The new unit has two power levels (high/low) which makes it possible to measure over much longer distances than before, up to 10 m.

Just as before, it fits both small and large belt sheaves/pulleys and is easily attached with magnets. It is attached to the side of the sheave/pulley and not to the belt groove. This means it is just as easy to adjust v-belt, flat belt and timing belt pulleys as chain wheels.

The alignment procedure is very straightforward. Once the measuring equipment is mounted, the laser beam is projected onto the targets, which are read “visually”. When the laser hits the target slots, the machine is in the right position. This procedure can be performed by a single operator. Quick, easy, and accurate! For more info on the D92, click here.

We now present the XT12, the successor to our award-winning XT11 display unit.

Like its predecessor, the XT12 is a rugged and robust industrial-grade tablet with IP66 and 67 ratings, which means it is both dust- and waterproof. A large 8″, glove-enabled touchscreen makes the information clearly visible and the alignment programs easy to use during any conditions.

The unit has a built-in 13 MP camera, making it easy to add photos to your documentation. You also have the option to add an IR camera which allows you to shoot thermal images before and after alignment. A heavy-duty rechargeable battery guarantees long operating times; up to 16 hours of continuous use.

The XT12 display unit can be used together with any of our XT Shaft Alignment tools. And just as before, we have put ergonomics and user-friendliness first.