EASY-LASER XT550 Ex Shaft Alignment Tool

Intrinsically Safe for Hazardous Areas

The XT550 Ex shaft alignment system has all the features of the XT660 with one major difference – it’s intrinsically safe and can be used in potentially hazardous areas. Learn More

Display Data with Maximum Flexibility!

The XT550 Ex is built upon Easy-Laser’s new cross-platform technology. This allows you to display data on the ecom Tab-Ex® display unit or a variety of different handheld devices like your phone or tablet. Download the free Easy-Laser XT app and check it out for yourself! Download Now

Measuring Units with Advanced Laser Technology

The wireless measuring units use a dual beam dot-laser technology which makes it possible to measure and align longer machine spans including the ability to measure base twist. Learn More



Intrinsically Safe, Rugged Design

The Easy-Laser XT550 Shaft Alignment Tool laser measuring units and the ecom Tab-Ex® tablet are approved in accordance with the latest ATEX directives – this means the laser shaft alignment tool is intrinsically safe for explosive or hazardous environments. These parts are also built with a rugged design and have been tested and approved to an IP rating of both IP66 and IP67 – water, dust and shock-proof. With that and the measuring units’ superior performance in sunlight, this guarantees you will be able to take on and finish even the toughest jobs.




Finish each laser shaft alignment with an automatic report on your “as found” and “as left” measurements results. You can type in any comments into the Notes section and easily create a PDF report containing all measurement data. Or why not share it (e-mail) right from the display with the included Wi-Fi? The ecom Tab-Ex® tablet also comes with a camera so you can photograph the machines identification tag and a picture of the machine for your report.



More Measurement Capabilities

The XT550 Ex laser alignment measuring units utilize dot laser technology. This makes it possible to measure larger machine spans than the line laser tools. Perform precision shaft to shaft alignments (horizontal and vertical machines) up to 20 meters (66 feet)! New measurement methods like Multipoint and Continuous Sweep gives you options for any alignment application, not to mention it provides higher accuracy & repeatability when backlash is present from gearboxes or couplings. The XT550 Ex laser shaft alignment tool also allows you to check more things when installing a machine, e.g. twist of foundation, bearing clearance and machine stress.



Comprehensive Documentation

This huge touch screen display is glove friendly and works just like your phone or tablet. Its tap and go right at your finger tips. The intuitive user interface guides you through the measurement process. Use the ATEX-approved and intrinsically-safe ecom Tab-Ex® tablet, or install the free Easy-Laser Generation XT laser alignment app on your iOS or Android device. You are not locked-in to a specific way of working. With the app there are no license hassles either, only free updates!

XT550 Ex Shaft Alignment Tool

Display Data on Multiple Platforms

Based on the Samsung GALAXY Tab Active, ecom´s hazardous area tablet is certified for use in Zone 1/21 & DIV 1 hazardous areas. The tablet is wireless, has an 8” colour touchscreen, comes with a built-in camera, connects to WiFi and has 11 hour continuous battery life! Or use your own tablet or phone with the free Easy-Laser XT app. Try it today, the choice is yours!          

Measuring Units with Dot-Laser Technology

The ATEX-approved wireless measuring units use a dot-laser technology which makes it possible to measure longer machine spans than line laser systems and the ability to measure base twist. They come pre-mounted with chains and rods, can operate in -10 to 50 degrees C temperature with superior performance in sunlight and with the new and improved batteries can operate for up to 20 hours straight!

Powerful Options

Expand your XT550 Ex laser shaft alignment tool with powerful options making your system an all-in-one measurement tool! Add the XT190 Pulley Alignment Tool for pulley & belt alignment. Or try the XT280 Vibration Tool to check the vibration levels.

Measurement Programs & Features

The XT550 Ex shaft alignment tool comes stocked with many different measurement programs, measurement methods and functions to give you the best possible laser shaft alignment result. View the videos below for more details. 

Many Bracketing Fixtures for all applications

Choose from many different bracketing fixtures for all different types of alignment and measurement applications

Measurement Programs

Easy-Laser XT550

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Measurement Functions

Easy-Laser XT550

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Measurement Methods

Easy-Laser XT550

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XT550 laser shaft alignment tool



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