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Addressing Alignment Issues With A Shaft Alignment Tool

At BENCHMARK PDM we believe in nothing but excellence and strive for the very best in product and service delivery for our customers when they purchase a shaft alignment tool. We offer a wide range of products to address shaft alignment that are user-friendly, intelligently designed to endure the harshest environments, chosen for better operating capabilities, and offered complete with comprehensive documentation.

A Brief Overview Of Shaft Alignment

Shaft alignment is simply the process in which two or more machines, like a pump and a motor, for example, are positioned in a manner that allows for optimal transfer of power from one shaft to the other. This is aligned so that the shaft’s transference is done with minimal stress to the machines and so that they can operate efficiently. Typically and under normal conditions, the axes of rotation should be colinear on both shafts, depending on the coupling type there are exceptions to this standard rule. Since shafts are not straight due to the catenary curve, caused by the shaft’s own weight, it is only the point of power transfer that can be used to compare two shafts.

Common Alignment Issues That Need To Be Addressed

To ensure precision shaft alignment, you need to be cognizant of and remedy specific issues before they become detrimental. Soft foot, which occurs when not all of the feet on a machine are sitting flat on the base or if they are not carrying the same weight. This creates non-repeatability and wastes a large amount of time. Looseness or backlash will also cause non-repeatability and confusion in the alignment data. You should also look into issues regarding the machine vibrations, thermal growth, bolt-bound issues, and jacking bolt problems.

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