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Update your EASY-LASER XT11, XT12 or App with the latest free software including a new Bore Center Program!

Easy Laser has released another free XT equipment and XT App software update. If your XT11/XT12 display unit or XT App has v.9.2.0 or lower, you are eligible to update your equipment with improved software features, programs, graphics and more! In this post you will find the release notes for each update and the download instructions.

Release 10.0.1

Straightness Bore Center
New program added!
Measure the straightness of bore center lines, bearing journals and other cylindrical objects. It is possible to measure up to 50 points on each bore/bearing position. The measured points are clearly displayed in a graph and table.
The XT9 or XT70 can be used as detectors.

A Prepare view has been added to the Straightness program.
Much like the one used in Straightness Bore Center.

Detector XT9:
It is now possible to connect the detector XT9.
Available in Straightness, Straightness Bore Center and Values.

Other improvements:
• Built-in Turkish manual now available.
• More responsive Start screen.

Bugs fixed:
• Fixed the lagging values on XT11 and XT12. Seen on the Adjust screen.
• Fixed an issue with taking photos. It is now possible to take multiple photos within the same minute.
• Minor translation fixes.


Release 9.2.0

• Adjust view in Horizontal, the tab for live adjustment modes are now expanded by default.
• Lock feet also available in Machine view.

Fixed bugs:
• On certain Android tablets, there were major graphic issues. Icons were not visible.
• The QR scanner could crash when opened from the Start view.
• There were problems displaying values in the Vibration program for certain languages.
• Reimplemented locked feet icons in Machine train.
• Locked feet were not set by default on all S-machines when switching image in Configuration.



XT11/XT12 Display Unit software update Installation instructions:

1. Go to www.easylaser.com > Support > Software download. IMPORTANT – For XT11 display unit, download the XT11 update file. For XT12 display unit, download the XT12 update file.
Note: This is a very large file! (approximately 1.3 GB)
2. Download the the update file and save to a USB memory stick.
3. Unzip the files to the root of the USB memory stick.
4. Start the Display unit.
5. Insert the USB memory stick into the Display unit.
6. On the start view, tap to open Settings.
7. Tap to open System information. The installation file should now be visible under UPDATE.
If the display unit doesn’t restart within five minutes, start it manually.

XT App software update Installation instructions:

  • For Apple users, download the update here.
  • For Android users, download the update here.

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