Flange Spin Wind Power

Unique Measurement Possibilities for the Wind Power Industry

Easy-Laser® is one of the world’s largest suppliers of laser based measurement systems to the manufacturers and service companies in the wind power generation industry. There are many applications for the Easy-Laser® systems in this industry.

For example, systems are available for the alignment of gearboxes and generators, both in production and out in the field during continuous maintenance work. We offer both standard systems and custom made systems for specific makes of turbines. One example is a bracket for use with a locked rotor, when the coupling has to be dismounted during alignment for safety or other reasons. Thanks to its clever design, this one bracket fits all MW models from one manufacturer, regardless of coupling size.

Another large application is a system for measuring flatness on tower flanges. The Easy-Laser® systems can measure not only a complete 360° of flanges, but also 1/3 and ½ tower sections. A unique possibility is the sectional program, where four sections of a flange are measured, then mathematically merged into a full circle. This method eliminates possible errors caused by the tower weight, especially with large offshore towers (diameters larger than 4 meters). It also makes it safer because the whole measurement can be made at ground floor instead of climbing on tall ladders.

For manufacturers of vanes, we also supply equipment for measuring and aligning the centre line of the jigs, as well as their squareness.

Enjoy the video outlining the measurement possibilities!