MAAD training

Taking MAAD Training up North, Way Up North

Recently Qulliq Energy Corp. in Iqaluit, Nunavut purchased a mid-range Easy-Laser 540 system. Included in the purchase was a machinery installation package that came with instrument training as well as some real world alignment work in the field.

The first day is spent on our One-Day MAAD Training program in the class with a lot of material to cover including hands on instrument training. Day two was spent in the field doing the alignment work.

The main focus of the training and the alignment work was of powerful diesel engines to generators. However, for training purposes we started with a simple machine train setup (picture above). A motor driving a gearbox which is driving a pump. With the E540 system you can do a machine train alignment of up to three machines. This program allows you to make the optimal move to make the alignment as efficient as possible!

Once the measurements were taken, we then analyzed the results. We decided to go into the Ref Lock (Bolt-bound/Base-bound) feature in the display unit and locked individual feet pairs in order to find the best option to move the machine unit. We were successful by only needing to move one machine! This simple, efficient laser alignment system – as well as the great staff at Qulliq Energy Corp. – is keeping the lights on in Iqaluit!