roll alignment

Roll Alignment System Cuts Downtime in Half with Live Corrections!

One of our focuses in 2016 will be our new Easy-Laser E975 Roll Alignment tool. Belterra, one of our customers in Western Canada this year, is using it (in conjunction with the Easy-Laser E970 Parallel tool) and finding success moving, correcting and aligning rolls live time!

Just recently, we performed a successful demonstration of the system at a large metal-forming company. It is very encouraging to see their excitement when they can see that they can move the rolls live time in both vertical and horizontal planes while keeping the alignment process very accurate.

This is all thanks to the fact that the system is so quick to set up on the machine. This means it can be used during short stoppages in production for example, to check and if necessary adjust or replace a roll. In the past, we have been told by this company and many others there are more advanced methods that might require that the measuring service is scheduled some time in advance and use contracted personnel. But with Easy-Laser® E975, you can do the job yourself! Other methods such as measurement with prisms (E970 Roll Alignment) along the machine often take significantly longer to prepare. You quite simply have better control over your machine time and increase productivity using Easy-Laser E975 Roll alignment tool!

Some other advantages include:

• You can keep the maintenance and service work in-house.
• Even short stoppages can be utilized.
• Easier to use than traditional methods such as theodolites.
• A cost efficient solution for any company.
• PDF documentation can be produced directly on site.
• Ensures the quality of produced material.
• Keeps maintenance costs down and extends the service life of wear parts.

If you would like to schedule a demonstration please contact us.