Latest Free XT App

New XT App Software version 6.0.2 out now!

Easy Laser has just released its latest free XT app update, version 6.0.2, and it’s a big one! 

The update adds support to the XT770 laser alignment tool for shaft alignment of cardan/offset mounted machines*. A new program, Basic Flatness, lets you check the flatness of foundations and frames**.

For XT770:

  • Cardan measurement program

cardan shaft xt

  • Base Flatness measurement program

basic flatness xt

Other new features, available for all Easy laser XT shaft alignment tools include:

  • QR/barcode reader – Assign a specific code to a specific machine, then use the built-in camera of your device to open the assigned file and settings.
  • Sign reports electronically – Sign-on screen to verify your job. The signature is saved with the PDF file.
  • Templates – Save measurement files as templates, with machine data and settings, to quickly start measurements.
  • Support for thermal growth on feet.
  • Support for file imports
  • Support for multiple images in reports.
  • Sorting filters in file manager.
  • New 3D machine ype images in Horizontal, Cardan, and Machine train programs:
    • Fan
    • Generator
    • Wind gearbox
  • Wireless communication and connection improvements.
  • Other minor improvements and some bugfixes.

The app is available for the Easy Laser XT11 display unit, and for most iOS and Android units. For a complete list of compatible units click here.

Download from the AppStore
Download from Google Play
Download XT11 firmware.

P.S. If you don’t have an Easy Laser XT  laser alignment tool you can download the app for free and try it out in demo mode!

* Requires Cardan bracket kit.
** Requires Geo kit and a separate laser transmitter.

Read more about the new functions in the updated brochure and manual.

IMPORTANT! This time it’s important you read the installation instructions before you install the XT11 firmware. Depending on your XT11 version the procedure may be different from before.

NEW! Cardan bracket set

Part no. 12-1151
For alignment of cardan/offset mounted machines. Offset range 0–900 mm.

Delivered in plastic carrying case. For XT- and E-series.