belt alignment

Belt Alignment is easy with the right tool and the 5-Step Sheave/Pulley Alignment Procedure

Using the Easy-Laser XT190 BTA and the 5-Step Sheave / Pulley Alignment Procedure will allow you to check your belts/pulleys/sheaves with digital precision in a timely and efficient manner. Belt Alignment has never been easier!

Easy-Laser’s XT190 BTA pulley alignment tool can be used as “stand-alone” system with the built-in display, or you can download the free app for your phone or tablet. You can follow the adjustment of the machine in real time from the side of the machine where you are making adjustments. Other benefits include access to shim values, checking against the manufacturer’s alignment tolerances and the potential to document the alignment. You naturally also enjoy the same opportunities with our own display unit, the XT11! Click here for more information on the XT190 BTA pulley alignment tool. or check out the brand new video below!

A common misunderstanding is that belt drives are not affected dramatically by misalignment. This assumption has cost the industry a huge amount in unnecessary replacement of sheaves/pulleys, sprockets, belts and chains etc. Also several investigations have shown savings up to 10 % in energy costs alone!

One of the objectives during the installation is to remove any unwanted stress from the machine units. We can do this by aligning the belts correctly. This will give the optimum operating life for the belt but also the machine. To align the belt you have to correct the offset misalignment in the axial plane and the angular misalignment in both the Horizontal and Vertical planes.

This Motion Graphic outlines an easy and effective way to align your belts/pulleys/sheaves and brings you one step closer to best practices for your alignment program.