e7 detector

What Do Calibration Services Offer?

Calibration services are an integral part of working with any accuracy or measuring device. In the case of laser alignment and BENCHMARK PDM, it is what ensures all measurement tools are working to the right degree and as intended. When a laser alignment tool is out of calibration we can’t rely on the results. With repeated and consistent use and over time, it is possible to the detectors become slightly skewed in reading the lasers positions. As such, to ensure your laser alignment detectors are at the level you need them to be, our service center can calibrate your alignment system to ensure an unhindered workflow.

What Does It Entail?

The calibration procedure can maintain and correct any deviations and inaccuracies of the device or detector for the system its used with. Any measurement and direction that deviates from the standard norm must be adjusted to correctly show distances between each measurement point. When using laser alignment equipment that is out of calibration or damaged even, it could mean misaligned machinery which could cause breakdowns, down time and money lost. Delivering these services to you allows you to rest easy knowing that your equipment is working perfectly and you can promise the quality of the result.

A certified center in any one of the available locations around the world will use a step-by-step method check and guarantee that all measuring equipment or laser transmitter part of the system is working effectively and efficiently. The initial process for us at BENCHMARK PDM begins with the customer filling out a detailed report of all potential issues and found faults via the online page here. Completed with as much accuracy as possible, the team will follow this as an initial guide of inspection and evaluation to ensure all concerns are dealt with and fully understood. Once faults or damages have been identified, we make sure the customer is aware of any repair work to be done regarding the equipment and provide an estimate. Once we get the go ahead, we begin with cleaning the system and then the repair work. After that calibration procedures can begin. Once finished, the system in bench tested to verify the calibration procedure and any potential repair work was completed successfully. Any software or firmware updates are then installed if necessary. Our work always comes with a certificate on which the precise results will be detailed for your understanding and records keeping including sign-off from the relevant staff members.

Be sure to contact the professional team at BENCHMARK PDM to make sure your laser alignment tools are calibrated and working the way they should be!