xt550 shaft alignment tool intrinsically safe

Generation XT Keeps Growing With Two New Products For Shaft Alignment & Vibration!

Generation XT, Easy-Laser’s app-based shaft alignment tool for laser measurement and alignment of rotating machinery, is expanding again.

The XT shaft alignment tool is now ready for explosive atmospheres. We introduce the Ex/ATEX-approved XT550 Intrinsically-Safe Shaft Alignment tool for hazardous/explosive environments.

With the XT550 Ex shaft alignment tool, we go intrinsically safe! The newest member is developed for hazardous areas and is easily operated through the XT laser alignment app. The XT550 is an advanced laser alignment tool for alignment of horizontal and vertical/flange mounted rotating machinery.

The XT550 Ex shaft alignment tool comes in two configurations; with or without an EX/ATEX approved display unit. It works with the XT Laser Alignment app which runs on most iOS and Android platforms, as well as XT11 Display Unit (however XT11 is not Ex classed). The shaft alignment tool’s measuring units are approved in accordance with the latest ATEX directive and are shock, dust and water proof.

The XT550 Ex shaft alignment tool features dot laser which makes it possible to perform measurements on large machines over long distances. You also have access to advanced measurement methods, such as continuous sweep and multipoint.

For more information on the XT550, visit our product page here. Check out the video below!




xt280 vibration ToolEasy-Laser® XT280 Vibration Tool

Easy-Laser has also launched a new vibration measurement tool called the XT280Vibration Tool. Just like the E-Series’ E285 Vibrometer, the XT280 is an excellent accessory or add-on to your XT shaft alignment tool. It can be used in different ways and with different displays! Use it as a “stand-alone” tool with the built-in display, use it with the XT11 Display unit (from your shaft alignment system) or download the free XT laser alignment app for your phone or tablet and use the Vibration Values program. It is an easy-to-use vibration tool that quickly diagnoses vibration level, unbalance, misalignment and looseness. You can compare your readings with the ISO standards and document the results with a pdf report!

Click here to visit the product page for more information on the XT280 Vibration Measurement Tool.