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Don’t have time to watch a laser alignment demo? Do your own with the free Easy-Laser XT Alignment app!

These days you can know a lot about the equipment you want to purchase before you even contact the company that sells it. The amount of available information about our alignment equipment is extensive and includes video demonstrations, documentation, technical specs and more.

At BENCHMARK PDM, we of course, always like to get out in front of the customer and meet with them, develop relationships, and provide solutions to their problems. However, with the current COVID situation, there are less (or no) face to face meetings and alignment demonstrations allowed. Online and virtual meetings have become the norm.

Even with these online meetings happening more frequently, sometimes there is still not enough time to meet and see more of the equipment or software. However, with the XT Alignment app, Easy-Laser went a step further and made the app free to download on Android and Apple devices. You could essentially know the XT software that is used to operate our alignment equipment back to front even before you purchased the hardware!

Each alignment program has its own demo setting so you can pretend as if you are doing an actual alignment. Just click on the detector screen and select demo and you are off and running! You can learn so much from these self-made demos regarding the features and smart functions that the programs provide. There is even a “?” button in each program which brings up the manual wherever you are in the program. Of course, we are always here to answer any questions you may have if you go through the software yourself. Don’t hesitate to reach us by telephone at +1-800-598-1117, or by e-mail at info@benchmarkpdm.com

Don’t wait, download the XT Alignment app now and learn all about laser alignment on Easy-Laser’s XT platform.