The Incredible Benefits Of Specialized Calibration Services

The importance of calibration services cannot be understated; they are the lifeline needed across countless industries to make sure of precise measurement specifications for tools and devices used on machinery. Without calibrating your equipment, you cannot be sure that your measurements are correct, which is particularly worrying when trying to align the shafts of two rotating machines.

Simply put, for the energy industry, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, pulp & paper, steel industry, wind power industry and more, having your laser alignment tools calibrated by specialists is essential for quality, accuracy and even safety. However, it doesn’t end there! When performed by experienced professionals, calibration services hold various benefits for your business. Let’s take a closer look!

Reliability Of Instruments

After experiencing physical stress from robust handling over time, it is important to check that the drift, performance and reliability of laser alignment tools are still within specification. Calibration can prevent and reduce these things from happening. As a user of any type of laser alignment equipment, you need to know that your alignment tool is giving you reliable and accurate measurements every time. Getting your alignment system calibrated will give you peace of mind with your equipment and will ensure the integrity of your machinery too!

The Safety Of Production And Processing Machinery

Calibration services play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of production and processing equipment in hypersensitive environments. Without accurate measurements, you cannot be sure that the specifications are safe – putting your employees at risk. This is especially true for sites and facilities where high temperatures and pressures are involved, as these can cause serious accidents, injuries, and compensation lawsuits. Facilities that deal with oil, gas, and chemicals can actually put their employees’ lives in danger by foregoing specialist calibration services for their processing equipment!

There is clearly no disputing the benefits and importance of calibration services for your alignment and measurement equipment. However, that’s only if you employ specialists that are extensively experienced in calibration – like BENCHMARK PDM!

As the National Distributor of Easy-Laser in Canada, we will make sure that all of your laser alignment and measurement equipment is calibrated and repaired according to the recognized standards in Canada. We recommend that your laser alignment tools should be calibrated every one to two years and that you save any files before sending your system to us. Not only will you receive Traceable Certificates, but your instruments will enjoy expert evaluations, bench testing, cleaning, and firmware or software updates and upgrades.

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