Benchmark PDM training facility

Training Facility Now Open!

We’re happy to announce that our new training center is now open!

Owner John Lambert says,

“This is a space where we can focus on giving the correct training to mechanics, millwrights, service technicians, laser alignment end-users, industry maintenance professionals, etc. – anyone who is in the business of machinery installation.

As we all know, the installation is key to the life expectancy of the machine unit. This training centre allows us to create a relaxed environment where people can learn. And most importantly no interruptions (for breakdowns)!

We focus on measurement. Measurement is the key on being able to control any process. Our trainers go through our four step approach to industrial maintenance. We call it MAAD: Measure, Analyze, Act & Document.” One of the main features is that it is hands on training. Each pair of trainees (participants) get a laser or dial system and a training simulator to work on. They get to work on bolt and base bound issues that we can create. There is training available for specific instruments and specific applications.


The paint on the walls is still a bit wet but we have already done half day, one, two and three day training programs.

You can choose what you want as we cover it all. From nuts and bolts to shaft alignment (dials or lasers) to Geometric Measurement. We demonstrate the procedure before giving the trainees the opportunity to do it themselves.

Call or email us for your training requirements at 1(800)598-1117 and Also, for more information fill out our contact us form here.

Check out this video for a sneak peak!