The Importance of Proper Installation

Listen to the New Podcast on “The Importance of Proper Installation: Starting with Pulley & Sprocket Alignment”

Recently, BENCHMARK PDM owner John Lambert was interviewed by reliability expert James Kovacevic from HP Reliability on proper machinery installation techniques.

In the first installment, John Lambert talks about the importance of pulley and sprocket alignment. Below is an except from Mr. Kovacevic’s blog post:

In this episode of the weekly podcast, the guest John Lambert is talking about the condition based maintenance which means that you can take maintenance measures based upon the condition of your equipment. In simple words, you can maintain your equipment by analyzing the installation process, alignment of the equipment, and that sort of factors.

In this case, your machines tell you how to perform the routine checks and how to prevent any kind of failure in the first place. But this technique needs a reasonable budget to be implemented successfully. One scenario can’t be fit for all of your purposes so you have to have some alternatives for different kind of equipment problems. If the installation of the machine is done properly and the alignment of the machine belts is correct with the pulleys then the life of the equipment significantly improves which also results in increased productivity and a huge return on investment in your assets.

You can read the rest of Mr. Kovacevic’s blog post here.

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