Flange E910

Flange Flatness & Parallelism Measurements for the Wind Industry

The Easy-Laser E910 Flange system is primarily used for flange flatness of wind mill towers but can also be used to measure any application that needs to be flat, straight, square and/or parallel. The system includes the Laser transmitter D22 Swivel with manual rotatable head and the option of deflecting the laser beam 90°. With a few more accessories the system can also be used to check the parallelism of the two tower flanges.


See the result as a true 3D image in the display unit directly after measuring. Then evaluate the result easily with different calculation settings, for example three point reference, best fit or all positive. This can also be done directly on site without having to stop to go to a PC with separate analysis programs, making production much more efficient. In the measurement system’s display unit it is possible to generate a PDF report containing graphs and measurement data. All information about the measurement object is documented.


We are Easy-Laser’s Canadian National Distributor