Laser shaft alignment tools were not always used when aligning two or more machines. The traditional methods of using a straightedge were used for many years – and still is! Then came methods using dial indicators or dial shaft alignment systems. Dial indicators are good tools and and are still used for Rim and Face shaft alignment as well as Reverse Dial shaft alignment. However, can you afford the extra time it takes to use these instruments?

The achilles heel for dial indicator alignment systems may be the report, or the lack of one. It’s a known fact that the transfer of information from the dial to the written word is where most errors occur. If you have to do machine failure analysis or breakdown analysis, you need a comprehensive report. This is critical because if you don’t have this you are guessing as to what took place.

These days, laser shaft alignment tools offer customizable reports, with AS Found and AS Left results, softfoot measurements that were taken, and the ability to add custom notes on the alignment work. Our laser shaft alignment tools from EASY-LASER do all of this and more. You can even take photos and Infrared images of the machine using the new display unit from our XT Generation of laser shaft alignment tools. When finished, you can e-mail the report from the display to your customer or yourself so you can add it to the machine history.

But Laser shaft alignment tools offer so much more than this. The most common issue for the alignment technicians when doing horizontal shaft alignments is being bolt-bound or base-bound. All of our XT systems including the XT440, XT550 Ex and XT660 will give you simple alternatives for this problem. For example, if you cannot move your machine to the left because you are up against the hold-down bolt, you can simply lock/fix this foot and move a combination of the other feet that give you the best option.

Mid-range to high end systems like the XT660 will also give different measurement methods as Continuous Sweep which is one continuous measurement – great for eliminating backlash in a coupling. Or Multipoint for more critical machinery like turbines. They can even assess the quality of the measurements you have taken! The classic Easy-Turn measurement method is available with all EASY-LASER systems which only needs 40 degrees of rotation. For more info on the different measurement methods available, click here. And there is more, a lot more available with Generation XT, that make the machine installation easier.

These aids are not available with a dial alignment systems or even other laser shaft alignment systems. So get the right tool for the job, and yes, it is a tool that can be used by all. Let us help you to select the tool that meets your requirements.