As the Canadian National Distributor of all Easy-Laser products we know a thing or two about laser alignment tools & systems.

Laser alignment or laser-based measurement systems are used by mechanics, millwrights and maintenance technicians across all types of industries to specifically make sure two machines can work together correctly, mostly rotating machines. For example, a pump is driven by a rotating shaft, which is connected by a coupling that connects to the driving motor. These two shafts must be aligned to within a tolerance so it works properly. There are different laser alignment systems for different applications like laser shaft alignment & pulley alignment tools - these systems can be used by all. You cannot afford not to have the right tools for the job, especially when the job is rotating machinery installation or re-installation. At Benchmark PDM, we also understand the applications of what to measure and why. For this reason, we consider ourselves a knowledge-based provider, experts in the field of laser-based measurement and alignment.

You have much to gain in both time and money through having your machines aligned to the correct tolerances with laser shaft alignment & pulley alignment tools. An investment in a laser-based alignment system such as EASY-LASER® rapidly pays for itself through lower costs for replacement parts, less downtime and smaller electricity bills. Correctly aligned machines reduce the risk of expensive breakdowns and downtime. There are some major benefits for laser alignment, whether you are performing a shaft to shaft alignment, also referred to as coupling alignment, or if you are performing a pulley laser alignment.

  • Increased availability and productivity of the machine = assured production
  • Increased life of bearings and seals = less use of replacement parts
  • Complete seals = less leakage and better working environment
  • Optimally utilized lubricant = less risk of overheating and secondary damage
  • Less lubricant leakage = less lubricant consumption
  • Reduced friction = lower energy consumption
  • Less vibration = reduced noise level
  • Less risk of serious breakdowns = safer working environment

Laser alignment tools offer a unique advantage in the field of preventative, precision maintenance and machine reliability. They are affordable, easy to use and highly accurate. Why not use our expertise to help you chose the right laser shaft alignment or laser pulley alignment system to meet your needs?

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