Shaft Alignment tool XT660 heads

5 Ways to Increase the Efficiency and Functionality of Your Easy-Laser Alignment System

Your laser alignment system is pivotal in ensuring that your machinery works at its full capacity to produce a high output and premium product or service. When your machinery is correctly aligned using precise and reliable laser alignment systems―like Easy-Laser® alignment systems—the availability of the entire production process will be preserved, their components’ longevity will be extended, and the need for spare parts will be drastically reduced.

What does this mean for you? Increased productivity, peace of mind, measurement accuracy, and decreased resource wastage and mechanical failures. It will also allow you to leverage your machinery at their peak, performing at full capacity. However, this all depends on the efficiency and functionality of your laser alignment system. As Canada’s leading specialists in laser alignment and measurement systems, we’ve decided to share how you can make sure of this. Let’s dive in!


Regular Checks and Maintenance to Avoid Costly Downtime

You must be proactive in ensuring that your laser alignment system functions at peak efficiency. For example, if you’re facing a production stop that requires measurement and alignment to continue, you don’t want to suddenly realize that your system is in poor shape. If it needs maintenance or calibration, you’re looking at avoidable and costly downtime while you wait for it to be serviced and calibrated. To avoid this, (1) you need to regularly keep up your system by sending it in for specialist calibration services at least once a year. (2) You can also make sure the software and firmware of the display and measuring units are up to date, you can do this yourself by checking the latest free update that is available for download and installation here.

This way, your laser alignment system will be ready for use when you need it, and various costly consequences of an underperforming system can be avoided. This means that you can shorten the time taken in the measurement and alignment process, as any uncertainty in measurement or unreliability in the system will be eliminated. This also means that you won’t have to continually double check measurements to avoid using the wrong settings on production equipment that cause problems with the equipment and products produced.


Extend The Lifespan Through Cleanliness, Accuracy, And Correct Storage

Once again, being proactive is pivotal here, as an extended lifespan will increase the value of your laser alignment system, return-on-investment, and decrease the costs associated with replacement and repairs. To begin with, (3) you should regularly check that all parts and wireless connections are in good condition and intact.

(4) Cleanliness is also essential, as, when combined with accuracy, you can be sure that your measurements are careful and correct. Clean your system every time it is used and adhere to its specific instruction manual to avoid causing any damage or faults. It will also need to be protected from operational by-products, dust, dirt, grime, oils, and liquids by keeping it stored in its transport case when not in use. Using the included optics cloth, make sure to clean the detector surfaces of above by-products, this can affect your lasers accuracy.

And finally, (5) make sure you are charging your system with the correct chargers. It seems simple enough as each laser alignment tool come with the correct charging equipment, however depending on specific laser alignment models ie. E-Series systems vs. XT systems or belt alignment systems vs. shaft alignment systems, each system has a correct charger depending on the voltage output. If you use the wrong charger, from another system or series, or even your own non-Easy-Laser charger, this could affect the battery life of the parts and threaten the initial life expectancy of the system. Talk to your local Easy-Laser rep to make sure you are using the correct one.

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