Shaft alignment tool xt770

Introducing Easy-Laser’s New, Advanced Shaft Alignment Tool XT770

Know Your Machine From Every Angle

The new XT770 Shaft Alignment tool comes with several new and advanced alignment functions that provide you with a comprehensive picture of your machine during machine set-up. And it is still just as easy to use as the other Easy Laser Generation XT shaft alignment tools, in fact, they are also gaining access to several of the new features in the latest version of the laser alignment XT app.

Powerful functions in XT770 shaft alignment tool

With the new, 2-axis measuring units, the EasyTrend software and new brackets (see image below), you can measure dynamic movements caused by e.g. thermal expansion, pipe forces, movements in foundations, etc.

As with other Easy Laser Generation XT shaft alignment tools, you can align horizontal and vertical/flange-mounted machines, but now you can also align machine trains.


The 360Live function allows you to align the machine using the measuring units positioned at any angle around the shaft. This is useful when it is

difficult to rotate the shaft, or when machine components are in the way. Of course, there is the Soft Foot program, which now also offers the potential to check both machines at the coupling.

A flat foundation is the basis for a reliable machine set-up. You can check this using our unique Twist program and the two included measuring units. In other words, you don’t need a separate laser transmitter. However, to make use of the measurement system’s full potential, you can use our geometric laser transmitter D22 (accessory) to achieve maximum precision and reliability when measuring with the Values program. Overall, the XT770 shaft alignment tool provides you with more opportunities than ever to check and adjust your machines, from every point of view!

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