It's time you got M.A.A.D. about Training!

M.A.A.D. is our credo, our belief that we follow and promote when we do measurement/alignment work or when we are training others. It stands for Measure, Analyze, Act and Document.

Each item is important to every industry that maintains machines. For instance, Measurement obviously has to be accurate. This means it’s quantifiable (a known measure) seen by all. It has to be repeatable and is verified by other operators getting the same result.

The Analyze section takes place after you have taken your measurement, the "as-found" result. It’s seeing what you have and planning the optimum move for machine units. You may look at previous documentation (the machines history) such as temperature readings for thermal growth considerations, vibration data and so on. You ask the question “Can it be done? Do we have the means to do the job? What tool do we use? etc.”

Once you have a plan, you need to Act and implement that plan. Even if it’s to do nothing because the you were just checking to see if the machine is still aligned. That in itself is an action.

Lastly, we have Documentation. This is a record of the complete process. A very valuable record.

Machinery Installation Training Program

We started out teaching shaft to shaft alignment using dial sets in either Rim and Face or Reverse Dial procedures. It has since developed into a complete two-day (plus) machinery installation course using lasers and geometric measurement instruments. Our course is designed to be a very practical, hands on, nuts and bolts approach to training. We can show the end user what is behind a laser system and what technology is being used. This leads to a clear understanding of what is being done during the alignment process. Our programs now include condition monitoring techniques, belt alignment, shaft alignment with either dial sets or a laser system and geometric measurement (for advanced programs). Our training sessions can include all of our programs or can be custom-adapted to fit the needs of your company.

For more information on our machinery installation training program please click on the (PDF) overview or chose one of the other programs.

Overview - Two-Day Machinery Installation Program

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Other Courses:

* Geometric laser measurement training can be in the form of line bore, turbine, extruder, roll, flange, machine tool alignment applications.

Customer Feedback

Letters of Recommendation:

Ontario Power Generation

Arcelor Mittal - formerly Dofasco

City of Ottawa

More Feedback:

"Excellent feedback from all the attendees. Our maintenance repair costs have been greatly reduced."

Barry Wells, Maintenance Supervisor, Region of Durham

"Great hands on experience, excellent refresher. Good readout material. Even the guys that thought they knew it said that they learned something"

Kevin Pike, Albis North America

"An excellent, hands on training on precision alignment of rotating equipment. It has helped us to improve equipment life and cut down maintenance repair cost"

Sam Nguyen, Plant Engineer, Canada Square Resins

"Extremely good course, especially for our electricians who constantly change our pump motors. This training now permits them to do their own alignments without any assistance."

Paul Archer P. Eng., Maintenance Supervisor. Cyro Canada Inc.

"This first class training course is for experienced and novice maintenance personnel, and is both relevant and well presented"

Ian Brown, Maintenance Technician, Alcan Cable.

"Very interesting! i had no prior alignment experience, but now feel comfortable in performing the task using the methods shown."

Michael Fitzpatrick, Instrumentation Technician, Cardinal Power of Canada.

"Simple, yet effective method for identifying and correcting shaft alignment"

Bob Lennox, Maintenance Co-Ordinator, Toronto Works.

A partial list of Customers we have trained:

Molson Canada, Abitibi Consolidated, Atlantic Newsprint, Alcan Cable, Domtar Packaging, Lever Ponds Inc, Goodyear Canada, Regional Municipality of Durham, Rohm and Haas, Cyro Canada, The International Group, Dominion Colour, Nestle Canada, Avery Dennison Fasson Canada, Cardinal Power, Allied Signal Aerospace, Newmont Canada, Crompton Co, Proctor & Gamble, Algood Inc., Paperboard Industries, Domtar Eddy Specialties, Lafarge Canada Inc., Ontario Power Generation, McMaster University, Provincial Papers Inc., Honeywell Inc., Levac Supply Ltd, Norampac Inc., Advanced Pump Repair, Allied Marine, Invista Canada Co., VA Tech, Hiram Walker & Sons, Pollard Banknote, Meridian Technology, Indal Technologies, Gerdau Ameristeel, Ontario Clean Water, City of Ottawa, New Forest Paper, City of Toronto, etc.