We believe in the MAAD method so much we re-named our whole Machinery Installation Training program into MAAD Training.

M.A.A.D. is a an acronym that we created which stands for Measure, Analyze, Act & Document. The MAAD concept can be used by anyone in the maintenance and reliability industry when trying to improve your maintenance processes. It is also a method that we promote and believe should be followed whether your a millwright, mechanic, maintenance manager, supervisor or reliability expert involved in machinery installation.

There are different situations for doing this work: new installations, remove and re-fits (re and re), after repair or during Preventative Maintenance work (PM checks). Each situation will be different. Whether doing a shaft alignment, checking the base for level or flatness, or taking vibration readings, we believe the MAAD method is the most efficient way to do the job the right way. Each step is equally as important as the next.

Measurement obviously has to be accurate, using precision instruments. This means it needs to be quantifiable (a known measure), seen by all. It has to be repeatable, verified by other operators, getting the same result.

The Analyze section takes place after you have taken your measurement, the "as-found" result. It’s seeing what you have and planning the optimum move for machine units. You may look at previous documentation (the machines history) such as temperature readings for thermal growth considerations, vibration data and so on. You ask the questions, “Can it be done? Do we have the means to do the job? What tool do we use? etc.” Most importantly, it's where you work on fixing the cause of the issue, not the effect.

Once you have a plan, you need to Act and implement that plan - even if it’s to do nothing ie. you were just checking to see if the machine is still aligned. That in itself is an action. Of course, the action or work done here must be done within specification or to standard.

Lastly, we have Documentation. This is a record of the complete process - very valuable record - that can help for future potential machine failures or breakdowns.

To learn more about how "getting a little MAAD can help you with your Maintenance Processes," check out this article written by Benchmark PDM President, John Lambert.

Our MAAD Training program is a 1 day, 2-day or 3 day training session, depending on the needs of your company and is conducted at our training facility. Check out the training centre here!

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