Benchmark can offer full repair and calibration services for the complete Easy-Laser® product line in Canada. We always provide a written price quotation for repairs  and calibration before any work is completed. Please contact us first before sending it in, we may be able to help you with the issue over the phone so you don't have to send it in!

If you are having a problem with the system, or it isn't performing properly because of damage for example, we will send you an RMA form so you can add a brief description of the problem, and include your complete contact information. We will evaluate your system and contact you to let you know if there are repairs required and if anything else is needed.

With all electronic and alignment equipment, calibrations to a recognized standard is very important. Depending on age and amount of use, we recommend you calibrate your system once every year to two years. Please save any files before sending your system. Traceable Certificates are included with all calibrations. Your Easy-Laser® system will receive:

  • Evaluation
  • Bench testing
  • Cleaning
  • Firmware/Software updates and upgrades
  • Calibration with traceable certificate

Contact Us for your Calibration and/or Repair Services requirements.