in-classWe offer half day and full day training courses for laser shaft alignment or geometric laser measurement (depending on your applications). These training sessions can be performed at your facility using your laser alignment system. We also run these sessions out of our own facility which is dedicated specifically for alignment and measurement training.

At our training facility you and your partner get your own laser shaft alignment system and simulator going through the measurement process with the trainers step by step. We also provide test training rigs for specific geometric measurement applications including machine bases and foundations (flatness), bore alignment, turbine measurement, rail measurement (straightness), roll and/or conveyor measurement (parallel), machine tool measurement (straightness, flatness, square) and more. Check out our training centre here!

A measurement training program session.At the end of the course, you will be able to confidently use the alignment tool for any alignment or measurement application. A portion of the time will be dedicated to important fundamentals aspects of alignment/measurement and machinery installation with the rest of the time practicing on the simulators going over the alignment/measurement process.

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