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Benchmark PDM started in 1994 as a training and service company because of our background and experience in machinery installation & maintenance. Our core business was providing the training for people who were involved in fabrication, installation, maintenance and or repair of industrial machines or equipment. We still provide this training today- it's for the people who have to install, measure and align machinery. People who need to know the correct process including supervisors and engineering staff. In short, its for the whole department. Training is a positive! It's a win win! Companies will gain by having a more valuable and skilled individual and employees will see their company is willing to invest in their (brighter) future.
Choose one of the training options to the left for more information - whether you need a comprehensive training program like MAAD Training, or you just need some training on your laser alignment system. We have our own facility dedicated for our different training programs - check it out here!
Or perhaps your are interested in alignment/measurement services? We also offer Easy-Laser Alignment system for rent and if you have your own system, check out the info on calibration and repair. Benchmark PDM are proud to be Canada's complete source for Machinery Installation & Laser Alignment Training, Machinery Alignment Services, Repair & Calibration, Product Upgrades, Equipment Rentals and Technical Support.