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Large forces are in action in a wind turbine. The safety of the maintenance technicians is therefore of the utmost importance. With the Laser Shaft Alignment Tool Wind Power line of Easy-Laser® shaft alignment systems the generator and gearbox can be aligned with the coupling mounted as well as the coupling dismounted and the brake locked. The system with the coupling dismounted and the brake locked was designed specifically for one turbine manufacturer -Vestas – and fits all their turbine sizes. Using the barcode reader, you scan the appropriate tag and the correct measures for that specific machine are entered automatically. You can also open the settings with the pre-defined machine templates. Quick and easy! The measurement programs are easy to learn and to use, and there are numerous options for documenting and saving the result of the work (e.g. to printer or PC).

  • The Vestas 3 system has brackets for turbines V47, V52, V66, V80 2MW Mark1–7, V90 3MW.
  • The Vestas 4 has additional brackets also for turbines V80 1.8MW, 2MW Mark8 and V112.


Note! The system pictured is “Vestas 4”.

Of course, there are many different shaft alignment options for other wind power applications. Fill out the form below and we can let you know the best system for your application.

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Wind Power