Precision Measuring Tools, also know as geometric measurement technology or metrology measuring tools, covers an extremely wide field in the industrial market. In certain industrial applications, machines, foundations and/or structures must be measured for confirmation or correction using these laser measuring tools. We do this using geometry, which is the branch of mathematics concerned with the properties and relations of points, lines, surfaces, etc. Easy-Laser offers a wide variety of precision laser measurement tools that performs measurements such as straightness, level, flatness, square, plumb, parallel, etc. with extremely high precision and accuracy.

For example, you could perform relatively simple measurements like checking level with the E290 Precision Level. However, sometimes it can be difficult to get your machine or structure level depending on the applications, so we use Easy-Laser's base model E920 Geometric system and check the flatness of the application. There are also specific flatness applications like in the wind power industry, the tower flanges have to be measured for flatness with great accuracy - in this case we would use the E910 Flange or E915 Flange Spin systems (depending on the specific application). If we wanted to perform other simple precision measurements like the straightness of a rail for example, the E920 Geometric could also be used for this.

If we wanted to get into more complex straightness measurements for other applications, we have a few other Easy-Laser systems to choose from. For extruder measurement or alignment, we would use the E930 Extruder system. For bore alignment of diesel engines, bearing journals or stern tubes in the shipping industry, we would use one of the E950 Bore Alignment systems.

Then there are Easy-Laser systems specific for each precision measurement application like turbine alignment or measurement. In this case, you have a few options in using the E960 Turbine Alignment system. For the machine tool industry, we have an all-in-one system that can measure your lathes, milling machines, cnc machines, boring bars, and more called the E940 Machine Tool measurement system. If you are apart of pulp & paper, plastic or steel industries you have a lot of rolls that need to be aligned and measured for level and parallel. The E970 Parallel Measurement system and E975 Roll Alignment system would be great places to start. Finally, we have a lot of sawmills in Canada, and there are some measurement applications in sawmills that require the saw blades to be straight, square and true so that lumber is cut with precision. The E980 Sawmill measurement system is used all over the world for this type of work.

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