Geometric Measurement Tool E920

Many Precision Measurement Capabilities

The Geometric alignment tool E920 is the base geometric system in that it can be used to carry out all the most common geometric measurements: straightness, flatness, squareness, plumb and level. Measurement is quick and precise. Displayed resolution is 0.001 mm [0.05 mils]. The laser transmitter is our well known big seller, the D22 with leveling table, strong magnetic feet, and a range of up to 40 m. The transmitter’s laser beam can be compared to an absolutely straight and weightless ruler, that is to say a perfect starting point for precision measurement. The swiveling laser head gives a laser plane parallel to the measured object and can also angle the laser beam 90° to the sweep for squareness measurement. If you have a more specific geometric measurement application, you can add different lasers, detectors or bracketing to the E920 or you might have a specific application that we already have a system for. Please see our other geometric measurement systems in the menu.


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