Easy laser xt770 shaft alignment programs video

New Videos for Easy-Laser XT Alignment Software and App!

To make it easier for everyone to understand what types of programs, measurement methods and smart functions are included in the Easy-Laser XT Alignment software and app, we put together a few new videos to explain it all.

We’ll start with the Easy-Laser XT Alignment programs and the XT770 Shaft Alignment tool. The XT770 is our professional shaft alignment tool that provides every shaft alignment program available in the XT platform. These programs are specific to your application, whether you’re aligning a horizontal machine or a vertical machine; they are intuitive and guide you easily through the laser alignment process. The last stage of every program is for documentation and reporting, an essential part of any alignment or measurement. If you want to see what is available only with the XT550 EX /  XT660 click here, or for the XT440 click here.

The Easy-Laser XT Alignment video we have for you is on the XT Measurement Methods. To show all of our measurement methods we will show the XT550 Ex shaft alignment tool /XT660 shaft alignment tool / XT770 shaft alignment tool video, as these systems provide every measurement method available in the XT platform. These measurement methods offer different ways to measure your machines depending on your application and machine set up. For example, if you have large shafts that are difficult to stop once started, open-coupling applications, non-rotatable shafts, critical machines (ie. turbines), or applications where you have to rotate your shaft a small amount (for instance, down to 40 degrees), we have a method here for you. If you want to see what is available only with the XT440 click here.

The last video we have is on the XT Smart Functions. The XT Smart Functions, with exception of one, are available for all Easy-Laser XT Alignment systems.* Easy-Laser’s Generation XT Smart Functions are features that help support your alignment through the whole process giving you the best possible result.

*360 Live Adjustment function is available only with the XT770 Shaft Alignment tool.