Laser Shaft Alignment Tool XT440 - Overview

  • With Generation XT's Cross-platform technology, you decide whether your Laser Shaft Alignment Tool XT440 system should include the rugged and user-friendly Easy-Laser XT11 display unit (system 12-0967) or to use your own tablet/phone (system 12-0966) device. With these options, this means you are never locked in to a specific way of working! Download and test out the Easy-Laser XT Alignment app (iOS or Android) right now for free!
  • Perform precision shaft to shaft alignments (horizontal and vertical machines) up to 10 meters (33 feet).
  • Other programs and features include checking for soft foot, bearing play, compensating for thermal growth and more! Click here for the full list of XT programs and here for the full list of XT features.
  • No License Hassles - the hardware controls what you can do, meaning no hassle with unlocking licenses for new features and/or programs!
  • Rugged design with IP66 & IP67 rated - dust and waterproof
  • Long operating times with 24 hours of battery life for the measuring units and 16 hours for the XT11 display unit!
  • Document the results with automatic PDF report generation or create your own customized report and share them instantly by email!
  • Add photos to your reports with a built-in 13 Mega-Pixel Camera
  • Choose to add a built-in Infrared Camera for a thermal image of the machine before and after alignment (accessory).
  • Expandable/Adaptable with wide range of accessories including digital belt alignment, vibration measurement (available 2017) and bracketing/fixtures for many other measurement applications.
XT440 with display in case

What’s Included in the Laser Shaft Alignment Tool XT440 with XT11 Display unit (12-0967) System from Easy-Laser®?

1 Display unit XT11*
1 Measuring unit XT40-M
1 Measuring unit XT40-S
2 Shaft brackets with chains and rods
4 Rods 60 mm [2.36"]

1 Hexagon wrench set*
1 Charger (100–240 V AC)
1 DC split cable for charging
1 DC to USB adapter, for charging
1 Shoulder strap for display unit*
1 Measuring tape 3 m [9.8']

1 Quick reference manual
1 Cleaning cloth for optics
1 USB memory with manuals
1 Documentation folder*
1 Carrying case Medium (460x350x175 mm, 7.2 kg)

* these items are not offered in the XT440 Shaft system (12-0966)

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