E975 Roll Alignment Tool

Quick & Accurate Roll Alignment

The Easy-Laser® E975 Roll alignment tool is designed for replacement and alignment of rolls in, for example, printing presses, paper machines and converting machines. The system is quick to set up on the machine and can be used during short stoppages to check and if necessary adjust or replace a roll. Other methods such as measurement with prisms (E970 roll alignment tool)  along the machine often take significantly longer to prepare. With the Easy-Laser® E975 Roll alignment tool, you have better control over your machine time and and can increase productivity. The Roll alignment tool consists of a precision and accurate laser transmitter, a display unit with guiding software and a compact and neat detector unit positioned on the roll. The system’s display unit produces a PDF report directly on site. The result can also be transferred to PC.


Advantages in brief:

  • You can keep the maintenance and service work in-house.
  • Even short stoppages can be utilized.
  • Easier to use than traditional methods such as theodolites.
  • A cost efficient solution for any company.
  • PDF documentation can be produced directly on site.
  • Ensures the quality of produced material.
  • Keeps maintenance costs down and extends the service life of wear parts.
Roll Alignment Tool E975 system parts

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