The Easy-Laser® E180 has a detector with a built-in digital display (or read-off) as well as targets. Digital readings allow for greater precision, and combined with one of the display units*, make it easier to follow the belt manufacturer's tolerances and results are documented directly as a PDF. The laser transmitter generates a laser plane that lies parallel to the reference pulley. The detector reads the position in relation to the laser plane and displays the parallel and angle values LIVE with digital precision. Follow the adjustment on the integrated OLED display or on the separate display unit*. The adjustment values are always displayed live, which makes alignment easy. Using a separate display unit makes it even easier, as you can follow the machine's adjustment continuously at the point where adjustment is being carried out. In addition, the machine's shim and adjustment values are automatically calculated! It is also possible to read off visually with the targets (included). Suitable for most types of drives, such as V-belts, timing belts, flat belts and chain drives. * Note: The E51/E52 display unit is not included in E180 BTA (only what is pictured). For those working with rotating machines, E180 BTA is the perfect complement to the E710 and E540 shaft alignment systems.

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