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Laser Alignment System

5 Ways to Increase the Efficiency and Functionality of Your Easy-Laser Alignment System

Your laser alignment system is pivotal in ensuring that your machinery works at its full capacity to produce a high output and premium product or service. When your machinery is correctly aligned using precise and reliable laser alignment systems―like Easy-Laser® alignment systems—the availability of the entire production process will be preserved, their components’ longevity will be extended, and the need for spare parts will be drastically reduced.Read more

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PEMAC’s MainTrain in September 2021 – A Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Management Conference

Join us at MainTrain 2021 to Connect, Learn and Contribute!

Canada’s largest annual maintenance and physical asset management conference exhibition and networking event, MainTrain gathers leading experts, practitioners and professionals from across Canada and around the world to share their insights and strategies that support professionals and their organizations. We look forward to seeing you online!

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Alignment Laser Tool

Troubleshooting Looseness When Using A Laser Alignment Tool For Shafts

At times, shaft alignment can become extremely frustrating almost as if it is possessed with a mind of its own. One set of readings may indicate that you make adjustments one way, the next set of readings then indicates something completely different. Quite simply, and almost without fail, if there are repeatability issues then something is loose with the laser alignment tool or there is some mechanical play. At BENCHMARK PDM we know how important it is to have a laser alignment tool for shafts that you can rely on to fix the problem and we pride ourselves on offering nothing but the best for your alignment needs.

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Shaft Alignment Equipment

Use Your Shaft Alignment Equipment To Address The Causes Of Soft Foot

At BENCHMARK PDM we place extremely high value on the customer experience and we are continuously evaluating our offerings to ensure that we adapt to the needs of our clients. This is why we know how important good quality shaft alignment equipment is, since you need to rely on it for efficient and accurate readings in order to tackle non-repeatability caused by looseness, twisted bases or softfoot. Here we have compiled some more information on soft foot.

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Laser Alignment System

Tackling Soft Foot With Your Alignment Laser Tool

Since the alignment laser tool was introduced, the measuring and diagnosing of misalignment has become both faster and easier. At BENCHMARK PDM we know that this is extremely important since issues with alignment such as looseness or soft foot will cause adverse and disastrous damage if left untreated. Soft foot specifically will stress and distort the machine’s frame which in turn causes problems. Rotational centerlines on the shafts will not be consistent, which leads to issues such as coupling wear, issues with rotor air gap, issues with the bearing or seal fit and clearance issues.

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