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Troubleshooting Looseness When Using A Laser Alignment Tool For Shafts

At times, shaft alignment can become extremely frustrating almost as if it is possessed with a mind of its own. One set of readings may indicate that you make adjustments one way, the next set of readings then indicates something completely different. Quite simply, and almost without fail, if there are repeatability issues then something is loose with the laser alignment tool or there is some mechanical play. At BENCHMARK PDM we know how important it is to have a laser alignment tool for shafts that you can rely on to fix the problem and we pride ourselves on offering nothing but the best for your alignment needs.

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Reliable machinery installation soft foot
Shaft Alignment Equipment

Use Your Shaft Alignment Equipment To Address The Causes Of Soft Foot

At BENCHMARK PDM we place extremely high value on the customer experience and we are continuously evaluating our offerings to ensure that we adapt to the needs of our clients. This is why we know how important good quality shaft alignment equipment is, since you need to rely on it for efficient and accurate readings in order to tackle non-repeatability caused by looseness, twisted bases or softfoot. Here we have compiled some more information on soft foot.

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Laser Alignment System

Tackling Soft Foot With Your Alignment Laser Tool

Since the alignment laser tool was introduced, the measuring and diagnosing of misalignment has become both faster and easier. At BENCHMARK PDM we know that this is extremely important since issues with alignment such as looseness or soft foot will cause adverse and disastrous damage if left untreated. Soft foot specifically will stress and distort the machine’s frame which in turn causes problems. Rotational centerlines on the shafts will not be consistent, which leads to issues such as coupling wear, issues with rotor air gap, issues with the bearing or seal fit and clearance issues.

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Shaft Alignment Systems xt440
Shaft Alignment

Addressing Alignment Issues With A Shaft Alignment Tool

At BENCHMARK PDM we believe in nothing but excellence and strive for the very best in product and service delivery for our customers when they purchase a shaft alignment tool. We offer a wide range of products to address shaft alignment that are user-friendly, intelligently designed to endure the harshest environments, chosen for better operating capabilities, and offered complete with comprehensive documentation.

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Articles & Case Studies

Tools of the Trade: Using the right condition monitoring tools doesn’t have to be hard

Many years ago, I worked as a shift mechanic in a large manufacturing plant. One of my duties was to conduct the shift walkaround. This entailed going to each section of the plant and examining equipment to see that it was in a safe working condition. This meant that if I went into the tank farm where we had a lot of chemical pumps, I would make sure that there were no leaks, no puddles on the floor, and no strange noises.

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