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It’s About Time We Treat Our Belts & Sheaves With More Respect

Belt driven machines are the Rodney Dangerfield of the maintenance industry – “they don’t get no respect!” For example, look at the image below. Belt driven machines do need a little bit more TLC than they currently get. I want to show you two innovations that will greatly improve your maintenance efforts on these highly efficient drives. I also want to show you why the general way in which we work with belt drives is a good example of what keeps reliability unachievable for many.

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laser alignment power plant industry
Articles & Case Studies, MAAD Training, Machinery Maintenance, Precision Maintenance

An Opportunity for a Culture Change in Industrial Maintenance

During these uncertain times it is quite interesting to see how different people react to the circumstances we are in. Like any situation – some people have a glass half full, some a glass half empty. However, we need both types of people in the workplace. One may be overly enthusiastic, while another has a more conservative approach. For an individual, we say it’s the nature of a person.

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condition base monitoring using our vibration tool
Articles & Case Studies

Condition-Based Maintenance will not stop your Machines from Failing

The ultimate goal for anyone in industrial maintenance should be to gain the optimum, full life of our machine assets. To do this we need to make changes to our current maintenance processes or at least the way a lot of plants are doing things. I see a lot of companies have some variation of a condition-based maintenance program but are scratching their heads on why they still get machine failures. They are not wrong in doing condition-based maintenance but that alone will not stop your machines from failing. First, let me explain why condition monitoring works.

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Thermal Growth with Daus Studenberg

The Rooted in Reliability podcast is a weekly Maintenance and Reliability podcast covering common industry challenges and what you can learn from them. Each episode dives deeper into critical issues and explains where you can begin correcting theses maintenance flaws today. Sharing new tips and techniques to help you achieve industry best practice and shining a light on widely debated maintenance topics with special guest experts.

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Reliable machinery installation
Shaft Alignment


“Reliable machinery installation” – it sounds like an obvious thing, don’t you agree? But where does reliability actually start?

We all know that “the thing” starts with the design. The design stage decides what is going to be installed. Which equipment, and where. But there is no decision of Who is going to perform the installation, and How it is going to be installed. Most of the time those two departments are not cooperating, especially if they don’t belong to the same organization. The installation teams must be involved in the design because they will provide their feedback for reliable machinery installation. They know exactly how things work out there and how they need to be done.

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