Benchmark PDM joins HP Reliability at PEMAC’s MainTrain Conference in Saskatoon

This week we joined up with HP Reliability’s James Kovacevic (pictured above speaking with PEMAC President, Susan Lubell) to exhibit at PEMAC’s MainTrain Conference in Saskatoon. HP Reliability are proud representatives of Benchmark PDM and Easy-Laser alignment and measurement systems in the South Western Ontario region. As such, we were happy to exhibit our brand new alignment systems: the Easy-Laser XT660 Shaft Alignment system and the XT190 BTA Belt Alignment system.

Distributing Easy-Laser products is only part of what HP Reliability does. To put it in a couple sentences, James explains that:

“We provide an online toolbox full of real world tips, techniques, and training your business can implement to achieve world-class efficiency and bring profit back to industry.

We cover every aspect of the reliability & maintenance process depending on your specific needs. From core fundamentals that will allow your organization to build a solid maintenance foundation, to the advanced techniques that have been refined over 12+ years of real-world experience on the shop floors.”

On top of exhibiting at the conference, James also was one of the speakers where he discussed PM Optimization – Integrating “Lean” Into Your Maintenance Strategy.

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