Measurement Programs – XT Generation

The following table shows all of the measurement program and feature configurations for each XT Generation system available. Below that are the descriptions of each program.

xt generation programs-features

values - digital dial indicator (xt generation)Values - Digital Dial Indicator (XT)
The extremely useful Values program can be used as a digital dial indicator as live time readings are shown on the S- and M- units. It has a clear digital representation of the laser target, and a list view for recorded values. For example, you are able to check for bearing play or shaft load by electronically zeroing the units and then moving the machine to see what movement occurs.

result_asfoundHorizontal Machines (XT)- For the alignment of horizontal machines. The user interface is intuitive and guides you through the measurement process. It is animated and zooms into the most important things for each step. You can save the measurements of a machine for As found and As left in the same file.

Vertical - For measurement and alignment of vertical and flange-mounted machines.

Belt Alignment (XT) - Using this program you can align sheaves and pulleys with digital precision. Adjustment of the machines is displayed in real time on the screen, with readings for angle and axial displacement in both the vertical and horizontal axes, as well as an adjustment value for the front or rear foot pair. The result can be documented as normal. (Requires the XT190 BTA accessory.)

soft_footSoftfoot Check - Start the alignment work by performing a soft foot check to ensure the machine is resting evenly on all its feet. This is necessary for a reliable alignment. The program shows which foot (feet) should be corrected. After the soft foot check is complete you can go directly to the alignment program with all of the machine’s distances saved.

measure_easyturn (xt generation)EasyTurn™ (XT) - A measurement method for shaft to shaft (coupling) alignment of horizontal machines. Allows complete measurement with only 40° rotation of the shafts!

easyturn_multipointMultipoint - For advanced applications like non-rotatable shafts or critical machines, such as turbines, there is a Multipoint measurement method. In this method, any number of measuring points around the shafts rotation can be registered. Included in this method is a Quality Assessment scale which can help you achieve the best possible result during alignment.

Continuous Sweep - Automatic recording of measurement values during continuous sweep (or rotation) of the shaft. Hundreds of points are registered. You can start anywhere on the turn. Often used when shaft is difficult to stop. Quality check of measurement is provided.

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