Software & Updates

E series Display unit Firmware Update

Please read the Instructions carefully.

Download Update file:

1. Download the latest update file to your PC (see below).

2. Unzip the file.

3. Copy the .ELU file to a USB memory stick.

Install Update file:

1. Start the Display unit. Make sure that the internal battery of the Display unit is charged. The battery symbol should be at least yellow.

2. Insert the USB memory in the Display unit. Do not remove the USB memory until the update is finished.

3. Select   and  to display the system update view.

4. Select the update file and press OK.

5. Select  . The installation starts.

6. The Display unit will automatically restart when the installation is finished and the Main menu is displayed.

If an error message is displayed, do as follows:

7. Select and install

8. Select and install the latest update.

Latest Version (30 MB)

10.0 Release Notes.pdf (2 MB) (29 MB)

9.0 Release Notes pdf (1 MB)

Previous Versions (28 MB)

8.1 Release Notes pdf (1 MB) (28 MB)

8.0 Release Notes pdf (1 MB) (27 MB)

7.0 Release Notes pdf (1 MB) (26 MB)

6.0 Release Notes pdf (1 MB)

New! EasyLink™ 3

With EasyLink™ 3 you can save and organise all your measurements in one place, produce reports with both data and images and export to your maintenance systems. The new version of our database program has undergone major changes, not just in the graphic interface but also handling, with a new report generator. This means that you can customise what your Excel reports should look like and what data should be visible and where it should be positioned.

The program has a clear folder structure, where you drag and drop files from the display unit to the database, or vice versa if you wish to prepare a measurement before going out into the field to take measurements. Create your own structure with folders for manufacturer, department or machine type for example. With everything in one location you have a better overview of what actions have been carried out. The database can also be located on a common server and shared with other users. For extra safety you can use EasyLink™ to make backups of what you have saved in the E-series’ display unit. You can also simulate adjustments and test corrective actions in the program without any risk of losing the original data.

The program is supplied with all our measurement systems, but can also be downloaded by anyone for free.
System requirements: Windows® XP, Vista, 7. For the export function, Excel 2003 or newer must also be installed on the computer. EasyLink™ 3.0 functions with both the D and E series in Easy-Laser®.
Export formats: Excel, XML.

The program will automatically search for updates, and ask if you want to download it. This way you will always have the latest version installed. The link below also always downloads the latest version.

EasyLink™ 3 Full Installation (D & E Series)

EasyLink.msi (20.5 MB)

EasyLink™ 3.0 Manual PDF (1.8 MB)