Easy-Laser® Belt & Chain Alignment Systems

Our Belt & Chain Alignment systems are very easy-to-use and can be set up in mere minutes. The systems range from a low cost laser transmitter and targets system to a digital system that gives you live angular and parallel values allowing you to align very quickly with precision.

Easy-Laser® D90 BTA

The Easy-Laser® D90 BTA is used for quick and easy alignment of belt & chain (pulley & sheave) using a laser and two targets. 

Easy-Laser® D160 BTA

The Easy-Laser® D160 BTA is our Belt & Chain alignment system that uses a separate digital display. Monitor angular and offset values from where your standing while making adjustments!

Easy-Laser® E180 BTA

The Easy-Laser® E180 BTA is our belt & chain alignment system that uses a digital detector for a reading of the offset and angle of your misaligned belt & chain (pulley & sheave).