Product Announcement! New Vibration Instruments Viber X1™ & Viber X2™

Fri, February 15, 2013 by Benchmark News

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VMI AB and Benchmark are happy to announce two new vibration measuring instruments: the Viber X1 and X2! These instruments are used for basic condition monitoring. For more information on the Viber X1 click here, for the Viber X2 click here. Please contact us for any request for quotations. 


The Viber X1 ™ is a vibration measuring instrument for control and measurement of vibrations and bearing condition. A flexible instrument that fits in every pocket of the maintenance worker or millwright.

Total Level (mm / s RMS) and bearing condition.
Easy to use, start and measure.
Dust and waterproof for use in harsh environments (IP 65).
Interchangeable accelerometer with cable
Selectable frequency ranges.
Analog instruments with high measurement accuracy and reliability.
Provides good security in assessing when equipment needs to be addressed.

The Viber X1 ™ is an analog instrument and a further development of the proven Viber A . It's robust, has a built-in charger, has selectable frequency ranges and an interchangeable accelerometer (BNC connector) - it's just as easy and reliable as its predecessor!


The Viber X2 ™ is designed for maintenance professionals who need a reliable, fast and easy to use tool for basic controls in harsh environments.

Digital displays of simultaneous vibration and bearing condition readings
4 selectable frequency ranges.
Real-time measurement of the overall level of vibration and bearing condition.
Displays the frequency of the highest vibration.
Measures and shows the following (in RMS, Peak or PP): - G
- Mm / s
- Micro m
- Inch / s
- Mills

Indicator reading stability.
Wide dynamic range of vibration signal (up to 50 g).
Low power consumption and Lithium battery provides long use before recharging.
Clear LED lamps for vibration alarm levels (high = red, low = yellow).
Easy to understand and use.
Fast battery charging.
Advanced technology with DSP processor.
Display with backlight.
Selectable languages.
Adjustable automatic shut-off for energy saving.
Interchangeable accelerometer with magnetic sensor sensitivity adjustable by the user.
Dust and waterproof for use in harsh environments (IP 65).

Charger, manual, accelerometer with 1m cable and flat magnetic and soft carrying case with shoulder strap and belt holder included.

2-year warranty is included with the option to extend up to 6 years!