Product Announcement! New E540 Mid-Range Shaft to Shaft Alignment System!

Wed, February 13, 2013 by Benchmark News

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We are happy to announce the new Mid-Range Wireless Shaft to Shaft Alignment system - the Easy-Laser® E540! See some of the highlights of the system below or click here to visit the product page.



Compact measuring units with integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology and rechargeable battery
Large 5.7” colour display

TruePSD technology for unlimited resolution

Twin PSD detectors, laser beams and angle sensors for superb measurement checks

Icons combined with program in your language make it easy to use

Programs for Horizontal shaft alignment, Vertical shaft alignment and Machine train (3 machines)

Program for aligning sheaves with digital precision**

Program for checking the machine’s vibration levels (mm/s, g-value)**

EasyTurn™ function - offers down to 20° between measuring points

Alignment “live” anywhere around the shaft (360°)

Expandable - adapt the system to your needs, now and in the future

Barcode system reduces key strokes and starts the measuring work quicker**

3 year warranty - best warranty in the industry!